8 Best Skin Care Tips After Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is a professional procedure generally conducted by a dermatologist that helps people get rid of unwanted hair. The method works by focusing laser beams on hair follicles and destroying them. The most popular areas for laser treatment include the face, chest, armpits, back, bikini line, and legs.

    Advanced long-pulsed lasers have made it possible for this treatment to address not just dark hair on light skin as in the past, but also darker skin tones. Your doctor will choose the best lasers for you depending on the color of your hair and skin, as well as the texture of your hair.

    Despite technological advancements, laser hair removal remains a difficult procedure that necessitates careful aftercare. After the operation, the way you care for your skin might help lessen the risk of side effects and skin problems.

    Below are 8 best skin care recommendations to ensure skin health after a laser hair removal procedure

    1. Apply prescription remedies

    After the hair removal procedure, a steroid cream may be prescribed by your doctor to help alleviate any pain and discomfort that may arise as a result of your treatment. For pain relief, you can take acetaminophen or anti-inflammatory drugs.

    2. Protect your skin from the sun

    Because your skin will be sensitive following laser hair removal, your doctor will advise you to avoid direct sunlight. You should stay out of the sun for a month before and after the procedure. After that, apply sunscreen to the treated region daily. This will help protect the skin from sunlight and avoid complications like skin pigmentation and others. 

    3. Apply cool compresses

    After laser hair removal, place a clean, soft washcloth on the treated area and dampen it with cool water for several minutes at a time. An ice pack wrapped in a paper towel can also be used. This approach aids in the reduction of transient swelling and soreness following laser hair removal.

    4. Avoid topical beauty products

    You should also avoid using topical beauty products for the first few days after undergoing laser hair removal treatment. During the healing process, your skin will be extremely sensitive, and using beauty products with aggressive chemicals may irritate it. As a result, topical remedies such as cosmetics, body cleansers, and deodorants should be avoided. 

    5. Skip other hair removal methods

    Avoiding alternative hair removal procedures after laser hair removal is another way to safeguard your skin. You should avoid waxing or plucking your hair because these might damage your skin and hair follicles. While plucking and waxing the hair isn't recommended, you can shave within 24 hours after receiving the treatment.

    6. Exfoliate after laser hair removal

    There will be a lot of hair loss after laser hair removal treatment. The hair follicles will be damaged and begin to fall out in four weeks. Exfoliating your skin for the next four weeks after the treatment is one of the best ways to protect it. You'll need a washcloth and a gentle scrub wash to exfoliate following laser hair removal. Avoid aggressive scrubbing since it can damage your skin. 

    7. Avoid heavy sweating

    Try not to overwork yourself after laser hair removal, whether you are a gym rat or just want to continue an active lifestyle and are ready to get back on track. For at least one day following the treatment, you should avoid working out or engaging in activities that cause you to sweat. Sweat can irritate skin that is already sensitive after a laser hair removal procedure. 

    8. Stay away from heat sources

    Your skin will be too sensitive after laser hair removal. Avoid any heat sources that could aggravate the already exposed hair follicles, in addition to avoiding sun exposure. For at least two days after the surgery, avoid steam rooms, saunas, or hot showers. During this time, use lukewarm water instead.

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