Terms of Use

Use and interaction with Fashion Potluck

This document presents the terms of service of Fashion Potluck (“Platform”, “Site”)in regards to individuals who would access, register, and use, otherwise herewith referred to as “user(s)” or “registered user(s)” also referred to as“content creators”. Fashion Potluck is defined as the online presence of the current URL or Internet address of fashionpotluck.com and its legal entity as housed in Tweede Weteringdwarsstraat, 19, 1017 SR, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In order for you (user intent in using FashionPotluck.com) to use all of the services from the site, reading and agreeing with these terms of services is necessary. The accepting of this Terms of Service agreement is identified as agreeing with the information found within this document and that of the Privacy Policy ofFashionPotluck. By using and continuing to use Fashion Potluck’s platform and its services, the user agrees to the terms and privacy policy. 

The content:

FashionPotluck was created and has as its main goal to serve as a democratic and public social media platform that deals with lifestyle content for the female audience; created by women, for women, and curated by women and everyone who identifies themselves as women. The platform itself makes no attempt to control the quality of the content posted within the site. The ability to“guard” against abusive content or that which does not fall under the intended focus and content goal of the site, as stated, is extremely limited and as such, Fashion Potluck as a project and institutional entity counts on the participation of its registered women user base to help in the curation of the content. Anyone can join FashionPotluck.com as a platform, but only women and people identifying as women are currently allowed to post. The content within Fashion Potluck is intended for visitors and registered users of the platform. The creation of the content created, unless otherwise stated, is created by the content creator and therefore the responsibility of the content creator. Other users are free and able to audit or curate the content of any registered user or content creator of the site by voting or using the abuse tool found within each and all postings or published material by registered individuals. In reaching the internal policies of either offensive content or content that does not fit the content profile of the site, inappropriate posts will be automatically taken down. There are only two possibilities where the content presented within Fashion Potluck will not be that of the content creator; (1) if there is a message or event administered by the Fashion Potluck staff and/or; (2) if the content is produced by a commercial party that has a private contract with Fashion Potluck. 

Length of content storage:

Content will only be removed from the platform by the termination and/or deactivation of a user account. The exception to this will occur if other Fashion Potluck users have utilized media(pictures, videos, and text) posted within Fashion Potluck to create a posting or have themselves done a reposting of any information or files already uploaded into the site.

User feedback, suggestions, and questions:

Any information regarding ideas, correction suggestions of any sort, as well any feedback by registered and/or unregistered users regarding the tools and services offered by Fashion Potluckis hereby agreed to be free of financial charge or any other type of compensation. Fashion Potluck is and wants to always be open to suggestions from users that can help it improve and offer the best experience to users. This can only be achieved by a community atmosphere and any voluntary contribution will always be welcomed. 


The user of Fashion Potluck agrees to the publishing of original and/or public property content. Fashion Potluck is a platform that enables the publishing of content by registered and users and does not have as its main activity the production or curation of online content. As such, the content found within the Fashion Potluck platform is of responsibility of the registered users. In the case of a violation or copyright infringement, it is requested that the interested party, who should be the intellectual property holder or the institution responsible, contact Fashion Potluck via inspire@fashionpotluck.com 


FashionPotluck has been created keeping the security of the database and the system as a whole in priority. To safeguard the posted content as well as that of registered users information is of upmost priority. However, despite all of our investment and monitoring, we cannot provide a full guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to circumvent our security. Becoming aware of such breaches will be acknowledged and corrected. As well, if you, as the user notice anything that might imply a security breach, we kindly ask you to communicate this to us via inspire@fashion

Newsletter & email communication:

By registering as a user on the FashionPotluck.com platform the user agrees to receive Fashion Potluck’s email communication such as newsletters, transactional emails (notifications of Likes, Comments, and other user activities) due to the normal use of our platform, and possible important notifications from the company’s staff. Note: unregistering from our newsletter will always be possible via an “unsubscribe” link found on the footer of every newsletter sent.  By using and continuing to use the platform Fashion Potluck.com, the user states that he or she agrees to the terms and conditions posted herewith along with Fashion Potluck’s Privacy Policy.