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    As the fashion month is finally behind us, it’s about time we shared our fashion report and informed you about the hottest trends when it comes to street style. Here are three of them that were most frequently spotted in Paris, London, Milan, and NYC, so check them out and step up your fashion game with the trendiest pieces out there!

    blogueira de moda e beleza sloppy street style outfit ideas

    Cycling shorts are all the rage 

    Yes, we agree that this may sound a bit ridiculous, but cycling shorts are making a huge comeback this year and they are apparently here to stay. This trend has completely taken over the social media (Instagram most of all), thanks to the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan who seem to really enjoy wearing cycling shorts no matter the occasion. Well, we must say that these were seen during the fashion month as well, as some bloggers and influencers have stepped up their fashion game by introducing this piece. Of course, cycling shorts are athletic wear, so be sure to dress them up with the rest of your combo in order not to look too sporty or gym-ready. You can always match them with a monochromatic off-the-shoulder shirt with glamorous puff sleeves that will add extra oomph to your outfit. Finish your combo with a stylish fanny pack and a pair of sky-high heels, and you’re ready to conquer the fashion industry!

    blogueira de moda e beleza sloppy street style outfit ideas


    From the ugly sneaker trend to open-toe footwear – there definitely is something for everyone!

    Speaking of footwear fashionistas loved to rock during the fashion month, we simply must mention the ugly sneaker trend that’s basically on fire these days. In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, the ugly sneaker trend refers to those sneakers with a rather chunky silhouette which is far from elegant and sophisticated. Some people even call these ‘dad sneakers’, and gals who love to wear them claim that their comfort is unparalleled. Apart from the silhouette, their curvy lines in bright or neon colors also set them apart from the rest of similar footwear, which is exactly why trendsetters love them so much. Besides these, it seems that the fashionistas had a thing for open-toe footwear, too, as a lot of them were rocking everything between ordinary flip-flops and a pair of comfy Birkenstock Arizona sandals. Even though these may seem inappropriate, trust us when we say that they look absolutely breathtaking – especially when dressed up with some stylish pieces like wide-leg trousers or pleated midi skirts. Apart from following the fashion month aesthetics, these are extremely comfortable as well, which is a huge plus when you’re always on the go!

    blogueira de moda e beleza sloppy street style outfit ideas


    Who said that animal prints are passé?

    Even though some fashion experts claim that animal prints belong to the past, fashionistas from all across the globe are here to prove this claim wrong! A large number of stunning animal prints were seen during the fashion month in Paris, New York, Milan, and London, and these were loved mostly by trendsetters who took their street style look to a whole new level. Needless to say, leopard print is unquestionably the hottest trend at the moment, and a large number of ladies showed that it can look beyond elegant and grown-up – despite its reputation. The bravest ones even matched leopard with crocodile print, which resulted in a trendy, eye-catching combo that was toned down with an ordinary white tee. We mustn’t skip the snake print either, as it was frequently seen among the fashionable gals roaming the streets of Paris, London, Milan, and NYC. If animal prints are your cup of tea, don’t be afraid to rock them this season and don’t let anyone tell you that these are outdated!

    As you can see, there are so many fabulous trends spotted during the fashion month which are really worth your attention, so make sure to give them a try this season. The above-mentioned ones are definitely the hottest trends you should keep up with this year, so pick at least one of them and make it work for you. From cycling shorts and animal prints to ugly sneakers and comfy open-toe footwear, you will undoubtedly enjoy whichever you pick, so be brave, experiment a lot, and your effort will pay off in the end!

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