11 Healthy Snack Ideas You Need To Try

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    11 Healthy (Dietitian Recommended) Snack Ideas! 

    I am a big snack-er (not a word, but let’s roll with it). You can bet that wherever I am, I will have a snack or two hiding in my bag. 

    Here’s the thing with snacks though. When people think of snacks, images of chips, biscuits and lollies come to mind. Now, you won’t find any food shaming from me, I believe there is room for ALL food in your diet. However, with that said, constant snacking on chips can leave you feeling a little bleh… You know what I mean?

    The trick is having healthier snack options on hand. Believe it or not, there are SO many nourishing snacks. So, without further ado, here are some of my FAVES. 

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