4 Ingredient Vegan Banana Pancakes

    1 Cup of All-Purpose Flour, 2 Teaspoons of Baking Powder, 2 Bananas, ¾ Cup of Almond Milk, Oil for the Pan, Optional Toppings: Sliced Bananas, Chia Seeds
    17 Minutes   Minutes

      Simple Ingredients for a well-balanced breakfast to start your morning. Quick and easy to make, Sounds excellent right? I have just the recipe that will provide you with just that! 

        This 4 Ingredient Vegan Banana Pancake recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth while providing nutritional value. I love bananas and pancakes; it's a flawless combination that makes my day. I mean its pancakes, doesn't everyone love them? Whether you're eating banana pancakes in the morning, afternoon, or late at night, it's okay. 

    Get the full recipe here: https://www.anaandzels.com/food/4-ingredient-vegan-banana-pancakes 

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