Breakfast in Bali

    Ingredients Needed: Any fresh/local fruits!
    2   Minutes

    Bali is a beautiful island in the country of Indonesia.  What you need to know, is that the locals strive to be healthy, in every way!  

    When visiting Bali, be active too!  Scuba dive, snorkel, rent a bicycle, hike a trail, swim in the waves, soak up sun in the sand, search for seashells, try to find a turtle, splash in the pool, play beach volleyball, chase a sunset, gaze at the stars . . .

    As for food, it's easy to find organic, vegetarian, and vegan options in Bali too!  Local restaurants choose the freshest ingredients and always serve to make you happy.  Fruits and vegetables abound!  Enjoy freshly squeezed juices and smoothies on the beach.  Eating healthy is a breeze.

    There are truly SO MANY amazing things to do on the beautiful island of Bali.

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