Healthy Mango & Cottage Cheese Casserole | Quick Recipe

Healthy Mango & Cottage Cheese Casserole | Quick Recipe

    ○ 1 big mango ○ 400gr dry (grainy) cottage cheese ○ 2 medium-sized eggs ○ 30gr of coconut flour
    70   Minutes

    Hi ladies,

    I'm back with yet another healthy & easy-to-make recipe. Today we are going to make a cottage cheese casserole with mango. It is a perfect breakfast meal or a snack. Furthermore, it is very fulfilling, full of proteins, and healthy. Also, pay attention - there's 0 sugar in there.

    Step 1: Peel and cut a mango into cubes. Place them into a blender.

    Step 2: Add the full amount of cottage cheese and 2 eggs to the blender too. Blend everything until smooth.

    Step 3: Add 30gr of coconut flour into the mixture. Blend everything well again.

    Step 4: Add this smooth mixture into a baking pan (the shape doesn't matter), Place it into the preheated to 150C (302F) oven and bake for 50-60 minutes.

    Let it cool down and enjoy it with your morning coffee!  

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