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FASHION POTLUCK      —      The first women-driven social media platform in the Western World.

Share your thoughts. Upload images, videos, audio files, and texts. Customize your articles. Change fonts, sizes, colors. Enjoy networking with our community. Become an active part of our community. Follow, like, and message others. Monetize your content. Share more about yourself. Have your voice heard. Be supported. Be free. Keep reading about us.

FashionPotluck.com is the first platform for content sharing between women and anyone who identifies as women. It is a safe & supportive environment where women can share their content, be heard, express themselves, as well as monetize their content, sell their digital products, and network with like-minded individuals. Topics discussed on the platform range from lifestyle articles to food recipes to dating advice. 

Join thousands of women who create and enjoy content at Fashion Potluck.

Our Story

Fashion Potluck was launched in 2016 with a different idea. We launched a platform for content sharing between women, allowing them to show their looks, share their favorite brands, and inspire one another. Rather soon, our users started sharing content on unrelated to fashion topics, such as dating, relationships, food, traveling, skincare, mental health. We realized women need a space where they can share their thoughts in a safe and supportive environment, therefore we evolved into what we are now – a platform for content sharing between women. Oh, and here are our founders – Julia and Luis.

Our Values

Ever since that moment of growth, our values include women empowerment, authenticity, support, and freedom of expression. We express these values in everything we do: indirect & direct communication, marketing companies, product updates, tools for our content creators, and more.

Our Mission

  To become the point of reference for women-generated content on the internet.

Our Mentions

Fashion Potluck has been mentioned in several media outlets and in even more in personal blogs and pages of our community members.

FabUK Magazine

"Today, after 4 years of growth and evolvement, it provides a platform where women can share their content on everything that is on their minds, meet like-minded individuals, get inspired, and grow. Furthermore, it evolved into an empowering and supportive global community, where women get support, motivation, and a true community feeling…”


“Fashion Potluck calls itself the first social media platform for women, proudly reporting that it avoids biased algorithms while promoting female empowerment and freedom of expression. In late 2021, the company reported over 65,000 monthly active users, with future aims to foster a community, create content and provide access to events and a monetization program. The first time we met Fashion Potluck was back in 2015 and given just how difficult it is to start a completely new social media platform, we applaud the team’s grit.”

The Next Women: Part 1Part 2

“We have a lot of value to offer to companies and community members as a whole. We believe that as businesses and people in general adapt to these new times, we will bring companies onboard, offering greater access to audiences across the globe. In regards to our community, we have been live for four years. As the years pass, we grow stronger and bigger. This will enable us to open opportunities for growth and empowerment to our women community members wherever they may live."

Silicon Canals

“It can be hard for women to find a meaningful space in the online world. That is why Julia Mitereva founded Fashion Potluck. The female-focused platform encourages members to create, share and inspire each other… Her plans for Fashion Potluck are big, as the brand has announced they are raising millions to become the first NFT-driven social media platform that allows creators to effectively monetise their content.”

 NL Digital: 50 Most Inspiring Women in Tech 

The Innovator Podcast: Building a Supportive Community for Women with Julia from Fashion Potluck

Community Features

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