Make Your Wishes Come True: Reflecting and Planning for The Next Year (podcast)

Make Your Wishes Come True: Reflecting and Planning for The Next Year (podcast)

    Many times we spend nights dreaming, evenings visualizing our wishes, and hours thinking about them. On a magic NYE night, we raise a glass of champagne, close our eyes, and ask for our wish. But, as the years go by, wishes remain, but the situation doesn't change.

    In this magic time, between Christmas and New Years, we sat down for a cozy talk on this topic. Why our wishes remain wishes? Why do we feel demotivated? What is the secret to making them come true?

    In this special podcast edition, you will find out about two phases of making wishes for the New Year, about various techniques, apps, and strategies. Cozy up with some tea and enjoy the podcast!

    Listen to the full podcast here:

    In the podcast, we have mentioned our checklists. Same as last year, we want to share with you these magical checklists on reflection and planning for 2019. Get cozy in a quiet room, with the printed copies and a pen, with some tea and a sweet treat. Dream big, search for your authentic wishes in every corner of your mind, and have fun with it!

    You can download the checklists for free here:

    Apps mentioned in the podcast:

    We hope that in 2019 all your wishes and dreams will become reality! Have an awesome time in this festive season!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


    The Fashion Potluck Team

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