15 Best Ideas for Wedding Decoration

    There is never too much beauty, especially on such a special day as the wedding day! The decor of the wedding table is an extremely important thing, and you need to treat it with special attention because it is the place where most of the wedding celebrations will take place. Therefore, the table decoration must be approached no less carefully than the choice of the bride's dress! 

    Below are 20 ideas that will help you decorate the table and can be useful not only for decorating a wedding but also for holding any summer party. Let's browse and get inspired!

    1. Green paths on guest tables

    An elegant garland of greenery with small buds will be a great alternative to a lush flower arrangement in the decor of a long wedding table. Twist eucalyptus or olive tree branches with a thin garland to make the atmosphere even more romantic in the evening.

    2. Balloons with plants

    White and green are a win-win color combination. Wrap a string of balloons in climbing greenery and attach them to each guest's chair or create a small installation at the wedding venue.

    3. Green wreaths

    A wreath of leaves continues the aesthetics of an eco-wedding. You can hang it on the guest chairs instead of the balloons from the previous example, indicating the places where each guest should sit, or make a spectacular composition in the spirit of the Olympic rings.

    4. Chandeliers with plants

    You can decorate massive chandeliers with green plants to give freshness to the wedding interior. Choose curly flowers and place them close together for a lush arrangement.

    5. Green decor of wedding arch

    It doesn't have to be a classic wooden arch with flowers. I can be a plant garland with delicate rosebuds that winds up to the very floor, decorated with candles against the background of weightless white tulle. 

    6. Plant background

    Most often, the decor of the stand at the table of the newlyweds is limited to a simple tulle drapery, but this is far from the only way to create a spectacular backdrop. For decoration, you can use fresh flowers, greenery, and moss, as well as a bright neon sign.

    7. Guest seating stand

    The seating plan is best placed right in the gathering area so that everyone can easily find their place at the table. Most often, the stand is designed as a picture in a beautiful frame, but you can also go the other way - hang chalkboards and decorate them with greenery branches.

    8. Color scheme

    This year, the trend that has emerged in past seasons continues: “one-color” weddings are no longer in trend, the decor uses different colors of a soft pastel palette. Rose quartz, cool shade of blue, pale green, lavender gray, ivory, and degraded effect - all these can be safely used in the design of a wedding celebration. And of course, the main favorite of all time is gold! - it can make the holiday truly brilliant!

    9. White colors

    Although the trend of abandoning the total look is gaining popularity, there is one exception: it is white. White is a symbol of the wedding celebration, it will never go out of fashion and will always be relevant. A spring wedding looks very impressive, decorated in white with glass, crystal decor, and transparent acrylic furniture. No less popular today is "black and white" weddings with laconic black&white decor.

    10. Environmental friendliness

    The eco-wedding trend is gaining more and more popularity. Suffice it to recall the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: seasonal plants grown in Windsor Castle, tree branches, garden roses, and peonies were used in its design. More than 150 plants were planted back into the ground after the wedding. Green leaves, branches, wreaths of green leaves and herbs and ears of wheat, and flowers in pots, which largely replace cut flowers, can be actively used in wedding decor.

    11. Wedding-picnic

    Spring is the time to leave the banquet halls and move the ceremony to nature, in the spirit of the fashionable eco-trend. The shore of the lake, forest glade, lawn in the garden - all this will be the best backdrop for the wedding and will not require complex decor. By the way, one of the latest wedding decor trends, both for outdoor and indoor ceremonies, is to put one long table instead of many small round ones. Candles, warm blankets, and soft ottomans will help create a cozy atmosphere.

    12. Night wedding ceremony

    Increasingly popular are evening ceremonies by candlelight in nature. If desired, you can arrange a night registration. But in the case of a night celebration, you should pay attention to the lighting design. Street lights, garlands, and light projections will add even more romance to the wedding celebration.

    13. Photo zone

    In the era of Instagram, photo zones for guests and various venues specially designed for this purpose are one of the main elements of any wedding. You can find a lot of ideas for the wedding photo zone so that the wedding photographer can take a photo of all your guests on a beautiful and interesting background. 

    14. Wedding abroad

    A wedding under the water, a wedding on the beach, on ski slopes, or a mountain peak - in our time, outdoor ceremonies are gaining more and more popularity. You can register a marriage in Crete and even get married right there in an Orthodox church. Many agencies are offering a full range of services, from paperwork to photo and video support. 

    As for the decor of such outdoor weddings, it usually doesn't differ in particular complexity, because the main thing here is the beauty of the places themselves! Various venues specially designed for this purpose are one of the main elements of any wedding. And here, the more creative options, the better.

    15. Metal and geometrical forms

    In the decor of a wedding celebration, metal accessories and strict geometry forms are now relevant. The contrasting combination of strictly metal and delicate colors looks original and harmonious.

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