15 Organization Tips That'll Save Your Life

    Our lives are full of things to do, from college, from school, home, and work, there's always something on the list. And, let's be honest, we sometimes just go "oh god! to stay organized? what is that?" (yes, you can use Cardi B's voice). 

    Staying organized is a challenge for some of us. We struggle to find the best way to keep everything on track and follow every single thing we gotta do. And, god, sometimes it's too much that we don't even know where to start!! Home? No. Work? No. School? No. Side Hustle? No. So we just end up on the sofa, scrolling on our phones and, if we're inspired, searching for some organization tips on Pinterest. 

    I know it's a hard time, trust me, I've been there. So, don't stress anymore, I'm here to tell you how I finally got my life together and handle work-school-side hustle without going crazy. 

    15 tips to stay organized in 2021

    Have Routines 

    Having a routine can be a life savior, even if you don't think so. 

    When we have a morning routine or a night routine, and even both, we save plenty of time. We get everything together, and our mind isn't going crazy with the "what should I do next?" tiring question. 

    What's important for you in the morning? Make a list and make it your routine! You don't have to create a big 15 steps routine to get something done. Even 5 things it's fine. Just find what works for you, and try to create a routine with it. 

    Also, keep in mind that it doesn't have to be necessarily a morning or night routine! Create study routines, exercise routines, work routines, whatever you want!!

    There's a space for everything

    Literally, there's a space for every single thing, find it! 

    When I first started college, I didn't know what to do with all those subjects I had to take. I was going crazy with all the material I had to study, all the books, documents, and papers I had all over the place. So, I set a space for everything. 

    I bought binders, folders, notebooks, and boxes, and labeled them. I created a space on my desk for the folders and some stationary and put the boxes and binders on my bookshelf. Like that, I knew where to find anything I needed in a blink. 

    So do it like that with all your things. Clothes, books, notebooks, makeup, skincare, hair products, set a place for each one of them, and stick to it!

    Automate your bills

    We sometimes lose time and money when it comes to paying bills. And, as we live in the credit card era, it shouldn't be like that!

    Automate your bills and stop losing track of your payments, and paying extra cause you forgot. It doesn't have to be absolutely everything, but do it with the monthly ones. You'll see you'll be saving yourself a couple of hours and dollars. 

    Schedule your day 

    Scheduling your day should be part of your morning routine. When you wake up, after all your first and main steps of your routine are done, take 10-15 minutes to schedule your day. 

    Write down what time you're doing work, studying, exercising, and even eating. Like that, you'll know what to do and won't lose time thinking about what you're doing next. 

    Use a planner 

    Using a planner can be a life savior, trust me. I write everything down there, from my morning affirmations to my goals and to-do lists. It keeps me on track all day, and even all months since I also plan by budget there!

    And, as I know how hard it is to find a good planner, I created one!! 

    I designed a planner where you'll be able to keep everything in the same place. It has a monthly overview and a weekly one as well, a daily page that you can print as many times as you want, and keep track of your daily life. Plus, a page with a budget tracker and a weekly meal prep page too! 

    Subscribe, and get one right in your inbox, for free!! 

    Write a to-do list

    Writing to-do lists is another life savior. When you write down what you have to do, you're more likely to get it done. 

    So, start writing daily to-do lists! When doing it, don't forget to put an amount of time next to each activity. Like that, you'll be able to focus on getting each task done, and won't be struggling with time management. 

    Prioritize things

    When writing a to-do list, make sure you know what your priorities are. I divided the daily page of my planner into 2, so you won't have to struggle with that. 

    Always write down your priorities first, so you convince your brain that you must get that done ASAP. Always make just 3 or 4 tasks your priorities, cause if you do otherwise, you might feel a bit overwhelmed or stressed if you can't accomplish it. Remember, our calmness and mental health are a priority too!! 

    Declutter your life

    Literally, declutter your life. 

    Clean your phone, just keep the important apps, delete all the contacts you don't talk to anymore, clean your gallery and even your following list on Instagram. By doing that, you'll feel a bit more relaxed and won't have many distractions on your phone. 

    Also, declutter your room and desk from time to time. Having too many things in our work affects our productivity and motivation. 

    Track your expenses 

    Let's be honest here, we get crazy not knowing where and when we spent all our money. That's why tracking our expenses will save us plenty of time and headaches!! 

    I personally use Monefy to track all my money, what comes in, and what goes out. With the app I can organize each expense in categories, selecting between eating out, bills, transportation, presents, whatever! That's how I know when, where and how much I've spent. 

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    Use storage boxes 

    Storage boxes are a must to stay organized at home. It can be a nightmare to have papers and objects all over the place, and it can be even worse if you have kids, since you can lose anything at any moment. This is why I recommend using storage boxes to keep all the objects in specific places. 

    With storage boxes you can keep your kid's toys organized, you can use them for your clothes and shoes, too. Believe me, storage boxes will give your life a total change. 

    Plan ahead 

    When you plan whatever you're doing, you'll get a better result, it's a fact. Even if it's the slightest thing, planning it with anticipation will give you a peace you can't even imagine. 

    Furthermore, if you suffer from anxiety, it'll help you keep yourself calm.

    Create a budget 

    With planning comes creating a budget for the month. Always make notes on how you'll be spending your money, so you can feel at ease when you're spending it. 

    Personally, it's a headache knowing that I spent more money on something when it shouldn't have been like that. For that reason, when I get my payment I write on my planner all my main expenses, and what's left for my personal use. 

    Use binders/folders 

    Bills bring papers, taxes also bring papers and let's not talk about personal and school papers. Now, imagine mixing something up! A nightmare right? 

    Use folders to separate and keep your papers in order. I, for example, have them color-coded, one for the bills, another for my school papers, and another for my work papers. Like that, when I need something, I just go to that folder, the month when I made the purchase, payment, or homework, and find it in a blink. 

    Meal prep 

    When I discovered meal prepping a couple of years ago, I discovered the peace and ease of life. As a college student with a part-time job and extra language classes, it was nearly impossible to eat something healthy. I remember eating whatever at an MCD or a Subway, just so I didn't waste any time. 

    Then I started meal prepping, as a beginner I did it just for 2 or 3 days, and as time passed, I started doing it for the whole week. Like that, I can eat healthier, save money, and also time!

    Selfcare is the most important part of staying organized 

    See it this way: if you're fine, happy, and healthy, you'll be productive, motivated, and organized. That's why, I always recommend practicing self-care, even if it's just for five minutes. 

    Keep in mind that, always and forever, you and your health must be your priority! 

    And that's all!! These were the 15 tips I had for you, now, there's no excuse not to stay organized all the time!! 

    Let me know in the comments what are some things you do to be organized at work, at home, or school. And don't forget to grab your free planner!! 

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