5 Effective Ways to Keep a Good Posture for Those Who Work From Home

5 Effective Ways to Keep a Good Posture for Those Who Work From Home

    For those who work from home maintaining proper posture is essential. After a few weeks of sitting in the wrong position, you might experience lower back and upper back pain that is likely to provoke chronic issues. 

    The current situation has forced us to get used to a new way of life including working from home. These huge changes impact both mental and physical health as well as our sleep and diet. Homeworking is actually a very common trigger of back pain. We’ve collected some good tips that will help you maintain a healthy back while working from home.

    1. Perfect your workspace set up

    The workspace setup plays an important role in maintaining a healthy posture. In offices, we have spinny chairs, raised desktop computers, and workplace desk assessments which help your spine. So it’s time to set up your home workspace in a similar way.

    Most people who are working from home usually use a laptop rather than a desktop. This means that the screen is lower than it needs to be, so they are having to look down rather than looking forward at a desktop screen. 

    In order to avoid back problems, have your screen higher or use a desktop rather than a laptop if possible. Siit your bottom right to the back of your chair, place a small rolled-up towel to help lift your lumbar spine. Avoid working from the bed or sofa. You might also try a little footstool that can keep you upright. 

    2. Improve your sleep quality

    Healthy and good sleep is essential for your health, including your spine. Therefore you should work sitting upright at a table rather than staying in bed all day with your laptop as it can negatively affect your sleep. Your bed shouldn’t be a place for your work and your brain needs to understand this. 

    If you experience sleep issues, consult your physician who will help you choose things that can help. These include taking certain supplements, medications, or making some lifestyle changes.

    3. Try an at-home yoga app  BACK PAIN

    Yoga is one of the most effective activities for maintaining back health. There are lots of people who are using yoga as an option for managing back disorders and even severe chronic back pain, muscle ache, and tension.

    Although home can make you feel a little lethargic, you still need to stay active whenever possible. You can try the Office Yoga App, which will teach you how to perform some poses that can help improve your posture.

    4. Stay active

    If you’re experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, living with anyone who has these symptoms, or anyone who's considered susceptible, you still can go outside for a daily walk. Going for a daily walk is essential in order to stay healthy and keep a good posture.

    There are numerous ways to stay physically active while working from home, for instance, live-streamed classes or various YouTube tutorials.

    5. Follow YouTube stretching tutorials

    If you don’t like yoga, just make sure you're stretching out as much as you can. Probably one of the easiest ways to do this is to follow a YouTube tutorial. Renown Health is a YouTube channel, which showcases a number of exercises you can do without even leaving your desk. If you suffer from constant back pain, then you can try this one by Doctor Jo, which is created for those who suffer from aches.

    There are many other ways to stay healthy and maintain good posture, and you can try each of those listed above. Your spine and your body will thank you!

    • M D M D :

      This is so helpful! After a week of working at home, I had neck pain like never before—eventually, I realized it was from staring down at my laptop. To help with tip #1, I put my laptop up on a box while I work so I'm looking straight ahead and not down. So far, it's helped loads! Thanks for sharing these other tips!

      3 years ago 
    • Hannah R Hannah R :

      Great tips! I've really noticed a negative impact on my posture and back pains since working from home so have had to take quite a few steps to help. WIll try these out!

      3 years ago 
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