5 Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself To Check If You Are Too Busy To Be Happy

5 Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself To  Check If You Are Too Busy To Be Happy

    Every time I feel I have too much to do, and I end up feeling burned out and exhausted,  I quickly step back and ask these important questions to  check what's stealing my happiness away from me, and why keeping myself busy is making me feel so anxious and stressed?

    Life is all about balancing our tasks and happiness, and it is up to us, "how we're going to label them, as happy or  unhappy tasks?"

    Write down your day's to-do list, by separating your tasks under two important categories. See how many activities you are doing that actually makes you happy! 

    "I'm busy may seem like a overstatement at times." But it is not an overreaction-rather a natural response, when you know exactly what you are busy for! 

    But also sometimes get busy doing nothing. When you want to disconnect from everything; like willing to take a break from real life for a bit, so that you can recharge and refresh yourself, is the best way to "be busy" doing nothing.  Don't let your busyness compromise your happiness. When you're aware of your journey- whether forced, or with interest; being busy in life can be acceptable. Sometimes it is worth it, if you can make some minor changes to your routine.

    Remember these five essential questions you must ask yourself every time you feel overwhelmed or feel like your "busyness" isn't doing anything good for you, for your growth, or for your life.   

    1. What are you busy for   

    Are you busy creating your career, or shaping your family? Do you really need to keep yourself busy doing what you are doing right now? These are the kinds of questions that can help you find the reasons- whether you can be happy while being busy; or you must eliminate those things from your work-life or busy-life that is not making you happy!    Many people have their own ways of achieving everything they need to do, while still having time for everything they want to do in life. Such people are our great inspirations, real heroes.  We are busy doing doing too many things- sometimes for own self, and most of the times for others.  But what makes you feel alive? Are you an inspiration for someone who is struggling to do everything? So remember what you are doing is for a reason. Reason, that is creating a better future for yourself.

    2. Whom are you busy for?   

    For yourself or for your family? So instead of feeling like you are stuck in a rut, feel good that you are busy doing something. Whether working for family or for yourself, having plenty of 'me time' is quite very essential. 

    Doesn't matter how your day has gone, keeping a check on your emotions, health, and mind  will help you stay focused, and positive all-day-long. Making time for yourself, whilst meeting you basic needs can help you bring more satisfaction and happiness, even while you are working hard day and night!   

    3. Is your busyness helping you in your overall growth?   

    We work hard to earn money, to be successful, to see ourselves growing and improving every single day, to be capable of fulfilling our demands, and to make our dreams come true. Sometimes we even work harder to provide good care to our kids, to keep the family happy and healthy by being there 24/7 for them, and to create a clean, organized, healthy, and a happy home.   So whether you are a working parent, or a stay-at-home parent- you will always feel the load of work on your shoulders, but those tasks should ensure a secured future for yourself. We can never stay happy by remaining there where we were yesterday. We all look forward to our personal growth. To have a better future, and a good life. We must see our life changing in some better ways.   We all want more out of life. After all that's why we are working so hard, right? So empower yourself while being busy- so that you can meet your needs.   

    4. What's your top priority- mindfulness & a stress free life, or in being a perfectionist?   

    More often than not, perfectionism dominates our life, our way of being us. We get easily caught up in the thought that, "if we do everything  and perfectly, we will be better than the others, or we will be the best." But that doesn't happen to everybody!

    Do you remember your boss telling you that, "I know you have worked hard for this project, and you also extended your working hours to do it perfectly and in time; but from next time onwards try working smarter and learn the tricks to delegate your work and get it done!"

    Don't over-stress yourself." Do I sound familiar?   Yes, we overdo things sometimes in a quest to be called a 'perfect' example; but doing so we also exhaust ourselves, we neglect family moments, and end up feeling restless and tired. I have always felt that finding peace in life is my top priority. A balanced happy life needs many sacrifices, but do not compromise on being peaceful and living mindfully everyday. When we have the right set of mind and emotions in control and well-balanced, we can do hundreds of things even without feeling exhausted or hateful. Don't take more than you can handle.  

     5. Have you been getting time for your self-care rituals?

    No matter what you day everyday, or how much you do- just make time for yourself. Listen to your basic needs, and groom yourself. We are all hungry for that warm care and love. But we can't always wait for someone to tell us, "stop being busy, and take plenty of rest now!" We must understand what our mind and body needs. Make time for everything you are doing at present, but take frequent breaks, go on a vacation, do some of mind calming exercises or activities, groom yourself, look attractive and beautiful, and most importantly- feel good about yourself- just that way you are. When we feel satisfied with ourselves, with our own life, we can feel happy for others too! Get plenty of sleep and plan for more personal time with yourself.

    Be more available in your life. Living a balanced and happy life while being busy is not that impossible. A little adjustment and some tweaks in your demanding routine life can bring you those happy moments.

    I hope you find some solutions to your hectic work-life balance by reading this post. I hope through this post, I can motivate you enough to stay happy and cheerful while being really busy; and doing hundreds of tasks at hand. Do leave me thoughts in the comments.  

    Main Image Credit- Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash 

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