6 Things That Your Gynecologist Will Not Tell You About, but Would Love To

6 Things That Your Gynecologist Will Not Tell You About, but Would Love To

    When it comes to going to the gynecologist, many women feel uncomfortable and awkward. In fact, women may wind themselves up in many ways. We found out what gynecologists think about the most common female fears and misconceptions.

    They don’t really care whether you did  hair removal “there” or not

    Surely you have at least once had something like this: you suddenly remember that tomorrow you have an appointment with a gynecologist, and rush headlong to shave. For some reason, many ladies are sure that the presence or absence of hair in the sensitive area is the first thing the doctor looks at.

    But gynecologists themselves say that this is a myth. They are professionals and it is important for them to make sure that everything is alright with your female health. And if this is not so, they will at all costs try to find out the cause of the ailment, itching, etc. Whether you did your hair removal or not is the last thing that your doctor is concerned about.

    Don’t worry about the smell

    Many women are anxious about the possible smell there. However, the doctors themselves claim that they practically do not pay attention to it. Still, they will suspect something is wrong if the smell "there" is very specific and indicates signs of disease. In other words, they pay attention to the scent from a purely professional point of view.

    Therefore, you do not need to rush to take a tenth shower of the day, if you have an appointment soon. On the contrary, you will wash off all the flora, and the analyzes will be unreliable.

    Do not cancel your appointment  due to menstruation

    So, you calculated the days of your upcoming menstruation wrongly and your period has suddenly come the very day you have an appointment. It is not necessary to postpone the visit to the gynecologist, especially if the situation requires an early examination. Your period will not affect the analysis results.

    Moreover, gynecologists are able to distinguish menstrual blood from cervical cells. Doctors themselves have repeatedly admitted that menstruation is not a reason for transferring an examination. And if you think that the doctor will be disgusted, think about how it feels for him when a woman gives birth.

    Yes, you should tell your GYN if you have an  itch "there"

    Many women are embarrassed to tell the doctor that they experience itching in their intimate zone. That’s completely wrong, because that may conceal a possible disease. The fact is that at first some diseases are rather asymptomatic and are revealed only by itching. Do not hold back the problems, it is better to tell the doctor everything that bothers you.

    There is no single contraceptive suitable for all women equally

    Different contraceptives are suitable for different women. Only you with your gynecologist can choose effective contraceptives for you. Still, most professionals believe that the best means of protection is intrauterine contraception (IUD). It is safe, long term, and effective. In addition, recent studies have shown that an IUD not only reduces bleeding during menstruation but also helps prevent the risk of uterine cancer.

    They want to know about your sex life solely in terms of profession

    Do not be embarrassed when asked how many partners you currently have, what type of sex you prefer, and what kind of sexual orientation you have. This is not idle curiosity, so do not lie or negotiate. If he knows more about your sex life, your gynecologist will be able to draw conclusions, and perhaps send you for additional tests and studies. This is done solely for your good.

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