7 Apps To Improve Your Visual Presence

    7 Apps To Improve Your Visual Presence

    Today, in 2018, our visual presence is bigger than ever. Many of us have Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, or Facebook. Here at FashionPotluck.com, we share the platform with multiple female bloggers, video content creators, and writers. If you are a “visual” like me; if you’re always thirsty for good quality content; and if you want to create It yourself, here’s a list of 7 apps for transforming your content into a masterpiece.:)

    Filters, filters, filters!

    For some time, I’ve been obsessed with VSCO, buying their presets, and using them for every picture I would post. Then, when my phone broke, I started using Lightroom on my laptop, having all the possible presets. Pictures always turned out beautiful, though I was always in search of something more unusual, lighter, and simpler to use.

    1)    Afterlight

    Afterlight is an app for making your recent pictures look at least 30 years older. It has multiple “vintage” filters, Polaroid frames, fake dust, and light glares. Not all the images will look great wearing those filters, though for some lively and funny pictures it will work pretty well.

    2)    Foodie

    I found out about this app recently, when one of my friends recommended it to me. The app has different presets, and all of them are supposedly made for editing food pictures. I have never tried editing food pics (it will probably look great), but I edited several pictures of myself and my friends, and I think the result is really nice.

    3)    Full Spectrum

    Full Spectrum Camera is an app for iPhone, that allows you to play around with colors of your picture or a video. Use it if you want to add some magic to your content. And, if you have an iPhone.:)

    Captions & more

    You’re probably familiar with the apps I will name in a second. They were pretty viral in the past year, but it doesn’t make them less desirable. Maybe it’s just me, but I love their concept!

    4)    AppForType

    This app has multiple captions sets, that you can add to your photos. It is great for everyone, starting with a recent mom to a social media manager. They have free collections, which are enough to make a good use of the app. But, if you’re looking for something more specific, like a blogger collection, you will have to pay 1-2 euros. I think it’s definitely worth it!

    5)    Unfold

    Yes, yes, yes! This is that app, which is so popular amongst content creators. It is specifically made for customizing your Instagram Stories. Pro: they have amazing frames & fonts. Cons: most of the bloggers use them too. :)

    All that glitters!

    6)    KiraKira+

    Have you seen those pictures and videos, where the dress has multiple sparkles on it and someone’s makeup shines brighter than a star?

    KiraKira+ is a free app which adds sparkles to already shiny surfaces and subjects. Instadiva warning: don’t use it too much, only on some special occasions. ;)

    Life-lasting memories.

    7)    Momento

    Recently I discovered this app, which creates “live” memories. It simply collects all the pictures from a certain occasion and automatically transforms them into GIFs. You don’t need to choose the pictures or do anything else. Basically, enter the app and you will have a library full of moments. Select the best ones and don’t forget to save them on your phone!♥

    I hope you will find this list useful and will enjoy using these apps. Now, what are your favorite editing apps?

    • Mary R Mary R : Loved this, so helpful!❤
      4 years ago 
      • Julia M Julia M : Thank you, Mary! Glad you loved it! All these editing apps are awesome for blogging and creating content. Especially, I love the filters and the frames :)
        4 years ago 
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