7 Debunked Myths About Periods You Shouldn’t Believe In

7 Debunked Myths About Periods You Shouldn’t Believe In

    Almost every woman has heard or read some myths and misconceptions about periods. Even though there is a lot of information about periods and some of these myths can seem ridiculous, many people still believe in them. 

    However, it’s high time to get rid of these prejudices and be aware of such a natural part of female life as periods. In this article, we have gathered seven debunked myths about periods you shouldn’t believe in.

    1. Periods are not so painful

    Many people think that some women pretend that they have extremely painful periods. But the reality is that women that have some gynecological disorders (like endometriosis, uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.) can experience unbearable cramps and pain during periods. In this case, professional gynecological services can help estimate your condition and define the cause of your pain. 

    2. Sex during menstruation is unacceptable

    If you have never had sex during periods, it’s high time to try it. Sex, especially orgasm, contributes to the increased production of endorphins. These chemicals can help improve your mood and ease painful sensations during menstruation. That’s why you shouldn’t refuse sex during periods if you are in the mood. To keep your shits clean, it is better to have sex right after the shower and lay a towel on the bed.

    3. Painkillers always eliminate pain during periods

    Many women tend to use pain medications like ibuprofen during periods to reduce pain and cramping. But if pain during periods is aggravated by a certain underlying medical condition, painkillers can not be able to cope with the pain. Only thorough diagnosis and treatment can help improve your condition and ease painful sensations. That’s why it is better to visit a gynecologist if you have painful periods. 

    4. You can’t take a bath during menstruation

    Some people believe that it is not recommended to take a bath during periods since water can penetrate the vagina and uterus and cause infection. The reality is that tap water can get only into the vaginal opening, especially if you use a tampon and it doesn’t lead to infection. On the contrary, a warm bath can help ease painful cramps during periods. 

    5. Missed periods always mean pregnancy 

    Indeed, pregnancy is considered one of the most common causes of missed periods, it is not the only one. You can skip a period or a few when you are stressed, gain or lose weight, or take hormonal medications. However, thyroid issues and some gynecological disorders (like PCOS) can also lead to missed periods.

    6. Heavy and painful periods are not dangerous

    If you have heavy blood flow during periods that are accompanied by severe cramping and unbearable pain, it can be a sign of some uterine condition. It is essential to undergo a thorough gynecological examination and proper treatment. Additionally, heavy blood flow during periods can contribute to the development of anemia. 

    7. It is impossible to get pregnant during periods

    Many people think that they can have unprotected sex during periods since a woman can’t get pregnant during this time. Indeed, a woman can get pregnant only during ovulation. But if it occurs earlier or your periods are late, they can coincide and you may have a fertile window exactly during periods. 

    The bottom line

    It is essential to understand that every woman is unique. While one woman can have slight discomfort during periods, another woman can suffer from severe pain that interferes with her normal activity. It is essential to pay sufficient attention to your health and don’t neglect a gynecological exam especially if you have some symptoms. 

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