7 Odd Myths About Weight Loss Everyone Needs to Know

7 Odd Myths About Weight Loss Everyone Needs to Know

    Almost anyone who has ever tried to lose weight agrees that losing weight is difficult, managing it is difficult, and gaining it back is pretty easy. According to some studies, only one to three percent of people who lose weight are able to maintain it. 

    There are lots of things that can interfere with weight loss, for instance, certain conditions or a sedentary lifestyle. However, believing in some myths can also negate your attempts to lose weight. We’ve collected seven ridiculous myths about weight loss some people still believe. 

    1. Soy is a healthy product 

    There are so many foods that contain soy like soy milk, soy burgers, soy ice cream, and many others. However, most soy is sprayed with pesticides and stored in aluminum casks. 

    Scientists have found a link between soy and many health conditions that include cognitive decline, digestive issues, reproductive disorders, impaired thyroid function, and lower sperm count. Moreover, many people develop soy allergy as it’s relatively new to our food supply. So, eating soy won’t help you lose weight but will only cause you to develop some health conditions. 

    2. All calories are the same  

    500 calories of wild-caught salmon and spinach and 500 calories of fettuccine Alfredo can influence your metabolism differently. Different nutrients have different physiological effects and act in different ways in your body. 

    3. Losing weight slowly is better

    Many people believe that slow weight loss can make them more lean and healthy than fast weight loss. According to one 18-month study, folks who lost fat quickly kept it off better and weren’t as likely to gain it back. 

    Losing weight faster will help you stay motivated and on course. Fast weight loss can be healthy if it’s caused by a healthy diet involving healthy fats, lean protein, leafy and cruciferous vegetables, and slow-release high-fiber starches. 

    4. Agave is a healthy sweetener 

    Agave sweetener is not the best food choice for your weight loss. This is simply a fructose syrup that can lead to a wide range of issues, like high levels of triglycerides, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high levels of uric acid, gut issues, and non-alcoholic fatty-liver disease. Agave syrup barely helps lose weight. 

    5. Snacking all the time can help you lose weight 

    Snacking all the time can lead to blood sugar spikes which can hinder weight loss. Excluding meals can help your body encourage burning of your fat storage. Dietitians recommend spacing meals four to six hours apart. Also, try to add more fat, fiber, and protein to your meals as this can help you feel full longer.  

    6. Moderation is a key to successful weight loss

    Moderation is not as good as you might think. In fact, experts believe that moderation makes people gain extra pounds. That’s because for many people moderation is a license to eat foods they shouldn’t eat. Moderation can cause cravings, exacerbates or creates food intolerances, and can involve foods that can cause potential long-term damage over time. 

    7. Low-fat dairy is good for weight loss

    For many years, people believed that dietary fat is a culprit of excessive weight, however, this is a big misconception. Moreover, eating a fat-free diet, on the contrary, contributes to weight gain. 

    Plus, low-fat and fat-free dairy products contain too much added sugar to make up for the horrendous taste. 

    If you’re trying to lose some extra pounds, you might have heard some of these myths and might have even believed them, since they are hard to avoid. However, weight loss is a complicated task and it’s surrounded by lots of misconceptions which makes it’s even more difficult to lose and maintain weight. Debunking myths will help you achieve the results faster and stay healthy for a long time. 

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