8 Signs of an Unscrupulous Wedding Contractor

    In an ideal world, your wedding will be organized by real professionals in their field, whom you can completely trust. In reality, this isn’t always in this way. No one is absolutely safe from unscrupulous wedding contractors who can ruin the celebration. The reasons are different - insufficient experience, disregard for their duties, or dishonesty. 

    Fortunately, several things can help you understand that you have a bad contractor in front of you and find a trusted one. 

    1. Doesn't want to sign a contract

    Some contractors don’t want to bind themselves with legally confirmed obligations, because without an agreement they cannot be fully responsible for their work. As a result, they can fail to meet some of the given promises because it will be impossible to prove them. If you see that the contractor constantly postpones the signing of documents, look for another, more trusted one.

    2. Changes the conditions or doesn’t explain them

    You must understand how much and for what you pay, what services are included in the indicated price. If the final price changes all the time, and the contractor cannot clearly say what he provides for this money, nothing good should be expected from such cooperation.

    3. Reduces the price compared to the market

    If the chosen photographer or organizer costs much less than other professionals in the same field, this should confuse you. Cases when people simply rated their services poorly are rare because everyone can find out the price for the work of competitors in their city. For this reason, dumping is a common sign of an unscrupulous wedding contractor, whose experience is insufficient to provide quality services. Lower prices are a common sign of scammers who take an advance payment and then disappear with your money.

    4. Doesn't show full portfolio

    The professional has a portfolio of completed projects to showcase his work. For example, for a wedding photographer and videographer, it can be photos from real weddings and other celebrations. Besides, the portfolio should include both staged and reportage photos from a wedding. If the photographer is ready to show just several photos, this can be a sign that he doesn’t have good photos or experience. 

    5. Lack of information on the web

    Experienced wedding contractors often have several accounts on different social media. But they also should have at least a simple site and post their photos on major wedding blogs. If your contractor has just an Instagram account, this can indicate an unscrupulous person. Yes, many contractors don’t simply understand the importance of their website, but this behavior is a common sign of insufficient experience or fraud, so be careful.

    6. Doesn’t have good reviews

    There are two situations that should alert you. This includes a complete lack of reviews and a large number of negative reviews. If you cannot find reviews about the work of the selected contractor on the internet, this may indicate that this person doesn't have enough experience. Sometimes this can be a sign of a scammer who quickly changes names or company names.

    A large number of unpleasant reviews about the chosen photographer or contractor is also a bad sign. This can be a sign of an unscrupulous wedding contractor. 

    7. Urges to make a prepayment

    Of course, sometimes it happens that another pair was found on your date and the chosen contractor will choose one who makes a prepayment earlier. Keep in mind that a decent contractor will say this once, but will not press constantly. If you regularly receive messages and calls asking you to hurry up and pay as soon as possible, think twice about why the person is behaving this way.

    8. Cause unpleasant feelings

    It also happens that after communication with a person, you have unexplained unpleasant feelings. It seems that the experience is great, it behaves correctly and professionally, everything is good with the contract, but simply don’t like this person. 

    While this doesn’t indicate that the chosen contractor is unscrupulous, the experience of work with a person who is unpleasant to you then this isn't your option. This is your wedding so you need to experience only positive emotions from cooperation with contractors. 

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