A quick note on 'Quickies'

    Cummunication 101 #5

    I believe most people think a #quickie is 'get right to it #missionary style'. It really doesn't even have to include penetration. Say what? Yup, you read that right! You can manually, #orally or mechanically #stimulate each other.


    A quickie, which is a more hurried version of #sex or #lovemaking does not mean skipping #foreplay. You can do some sneaky #touching and #kissing ahead of time to get each other involved in the action. You can text your lover from work or while running errands to let him/her know how much you crave them. Everyone loves a good #egoboost and those of the sexual variety especially, so get to texting! You can also start the party by yourself to gain some traction. Having #lube handy can be a game changer especially if you really need 'pomp and circumstance' to get going .


    I cannot stress this enough DO NOT worry about achieving an orgasm, usually the stress of trying or trying too hard ruins that altogether. So just be #mindful in the moment and enjoy! If good #cummunication is flowing and/or some good #oral action happens on both parties, it can very easily be a mutually and fulfilling event for everyone involved.


    According to www.fatherly.com the best 5 #positions for a quickie are:

    (Read more on each position at https://www.fatherly.com/love-money/quickie-sex-positions/)

    1. The stand and deliver: your partner enters from behind while you both are standing; this can be done in the shower, and a bit easier if you bend over. Just be safe and do not slip...(hey c'mon, I am a safety professional by trade)!

    2. The coital alignment technique: which is the missionary position slightly modified.

    3. The spread eagle: this involves you being on a 'hip high' elevated surface while placing your feet on his shoulders.

    4. The reverse cowgirl 2.0: this is where you ride him facing his feet and he puts his knees up for your support.

    5. The kneel deal: which is not really a single position, per say, but a starting point to do a bunch of positions quickly.


    If privacy is a concern and you need to break away from the 'little people who don't work', try a "shower"... announce to the older kids to watch the younger ones while mom and dad are going to 'change' into something comfortable. Don't forget to say "hey, don't interrupt us for a half hour or so." With that, there's plenty of time to jump out of the shower or stay in it <*wink *wink>, dry off, skip the getting dressed part, and get a quickie in before someone comes knocking on the locked door. This may be difficult depending on the age of the kids; but, depending on their age, there is nap time, early bed time, cartoon time, shower time etc., you get the idea.

    If the kids are still throwing a wrench into the mix, you can rendezvous at the house on your lunch breaks while the kids are in school or daycare. Be strategic with your #intimacy! You'd be surprised how #exciting it can be to get to it as quickly as you can. Ladies, if need be, get your hand or a toy in the mix to help you get going. Hold the toy, or give directions. Guys dig using toys on you or even just assisting you using the toy!


    ****Side Note and a subject for a future blog: There's no shame in knowing what does the trick for you. If you haven't done so, you should experiment with yourself. If you don't know what gets you there, how the heck do expect him to figure it out?!?!?!?!?!?****


    Most importantly, have fun and do what works for you both! Do not underestimate the very #primal, #fun and #sexual joys you can both have with quickies. C-U next time.

    Thanks to www.fatherly.com

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