Be Kind, Human

    Friday night sat on my couch been thinking so much about life, human, personality….

    Every single time on social media, we can see so much news and recently about "black lives matter." 

    actually, 2020 is a really hard year to get through it, so many things happen this year, which includes COVID-19. 

    yeah is was the big important thing for 2020, I don’t know what happens and how to make this stop, is hurting and killing people. But now not only because of the COVID-19, people getting emotional in everywhere as you can see people are hurting or killing each other, no more love in this world but more hated on the world now.

    Do you feel it? What do you think if this situation keeps going?

    I’m sure that will go more crazy and sad history that we created for 2020. All we can do for it just spread more loved and pray for this world to be safe and people being happy.

    Humanity, a black man George Floyd recently he was killed in cold blood by the police. We can see his death, and now the whole world is feeling angry. Because this thing happened because of a white man and a black man, I believe that this will not be the first time. I have also seen the news, TV interviews, etc. a long time ago.

    Everyone knows exactly what black people are like in American life, but there is no choice but to endure this kind of incident, everyone also becomes silent.

    But when we were in class, the teacher said, “When we encounter unfair treatment, should we justify for ourselves? and yes! but why when we grow up we forget everything that we have learned before? or we become part of selfish?

    this is what i been feeling lately, people said I’m easy to trust people, but i just think if i can help for those people who need it, why i still walk away? human, please be nice and not being selfish.

    When we have the ability to share on social media, so I also want to share more positive energy, I know that maybe not many people see it, but if you see it, please share this positive energy, because the world needs You and need positive energy.  

    Be Nice, Human.

    Life is going be better:)

    Thank You For Reading
    Until Next Time

    Good Day
    Love, Jess

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