Butterfly Pea Latte | Benefits & First Impressions

Butterfly Pea Latte | Benefits & First Impressions

    Today I got a chance to try Butterfly Pea Latte. I ended up working from a cafe, which offered a variety of different superfood-based lattes, such as Beetroot Cacao Latte, Charcoal Latte, Turmeric Latte, Guarana Latte, and Rooibos Latte. Since I am quite interested in the topic of health, I started reading about all of them, trying to find the one I 'need' right now.  

    During the weekend, I was fighting food poisoning, quite a severe one. I am currently on day 4, and my stomach is still a bit cranky. I thought that something detoxifying would be great! I opted for Guarana Latte, but since it has finished, I went for Butterfly Pea Latte. I've never heard about it before, but the description (and its color) convinced me.  

    Benefits of Butterfly Pea Latte

    The flavonoids of Butterfly Pea are rich in antioxidants. Butterfly Pea Flower offers a multitude of benefits for the organism, decreases stress levels, and stimulates our brain. At least that's what the brochure says. :)

    ○ Pain Relief - Natural analgesic that helps to relieve pain;

    ○ Hair Health - Excellent source of flavonoids that promote hair growth, thicken hair and reduce graying;

    ○ Skin Health - Excellent source of antioxidants that stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis helping to rejuvenate skin and reduce wrinkles (imagine adding collagen on top);

    ○ Eye Health - Excellent source of proanthocyanidins that protect our eyes from cataracts and glaucoma and may help with improving vision; 

    ○ Stress Relief - As mentioned, the butterfly pea flower contains Anxiolyhic to reduce stress and anxiety, and give a calming effect.

    First Impressions

    My first impressions are quite positive. First, I am impressed with the list of its benefits. Of course, it is all about consistency and the buildup effect, however, it seems quite healthier than coffee, for instance. Second, it's beautiful! It has sky blue color and gives an unforgettable experience drinking it. Lastly, the taste and the smell are wonderful. It has a very soft and pleasant taste with a slight spice to it. Also, it is slightly sweet, which makes it very pleasant to drink. Its smell is quite pleasant as well, very unusual (smelling it at this very moment), a good mix of sweet and spicy smell.

    Would I recommend it?


    Where to find it?

    It is still quite rare to stumble upon it in a regular coffee. Google the name of this latter or any specialty coffee place. Or, another alternative would be to order the mixture online and make it yourself.




    • Iuliana R Iuliana R :

         looks so delicious, now I have to search the town for it  

      2 years ago 
      • Julia M Julia M :

        Hehe. That's the hard one. :) You can also order it online!    

        2 years ago 
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