Chilling with me on Sunday

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    The end of the week or the beginning of the weekend was pretty hectic for me. I wanted to share with you a little of the outside area where I am living but the weather was not this weekend Marcella!

    That I decided to film a chill Sunday vlog, I have noticed that you guys like that video of format with a lot of movement. I hope that you will like it.

    The videos that I am referring to in the long videos are my shorts on YouTube. Recently I became a big fan of Nicole Lee USA bags! If you are like me I highly suggest that you check them out!


    • Rosalia T Rosalia T :

      Love chatty vlogs like this one! The travel bag you were talking about seems so cool! Will def check out the Youtube account you referred to 

      2 years ago 
      • Marcela I Marcela I :

        Thank you for your feedback dear! I'll be happy if you wanna be a part of the journey. The travel bag is amazing, check the Nicole Lee USA site for sure. I love unique things that don't have a lot of people and different overall. I'll soon go on the getaway weekend, I am planning to make more vlogs like this one!   

        2 years ago 
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