Declutter Your Life Part 2

    So hey!! 

    I dont know if you remember but last week I talked about easing anxieties and getting your life decluttered. 

    How did everyone do last week?

    Well, you saw what I was able to accomplish last week even with the setback of being stung by a hornet. It just goes to show you that if you are determined you will get it done...broken body part and all. So, anyway, I wanted to quickly go over what I talked about last week. I suffer from anxiety and now that I have been confined to my home during the pandemic, I am finding that just living in my house everyday can be a challenge. I see something that needs to be cleaned and organized and I take care of it. Last week, I was able to declutter the choas that was my closet, moved my bedroom around, clean up my back patio and rearrange the furniture while getting stung and even created my linen closet I always wanted. My hand was better by Thursday.☺

    On another hand, I was not able to get to that awful shed that was bothering me so much. A year ago, it was so organize and time went on and things got so bad we couldnt walk in. 😣

    I finally convinced my husband that we needed to take care of and condense it and he said we should...as long as the kids helped. Of  course, this was supposed to happen last week but I got stung so we did it today. Part 1 was taken care of by me while I waited for my husband. I had to take everything we were keeping and put in my she- cave😭 Dont worry this is just temporary until the other one got cleaned thoroughly. 

    So the plan is to keep this in here until we completely sweep and disinfect the other shed...hes creating his man-cave..lolPart 1 clearing of the shed done. After clearing out all the stuff there is potential here. Of course, the tool benches and wood work has to go. We are going to see if someone can saw the stuff in half and haul it out and we will have so much room left. Part 2 will be sweeping and removing any unneccesary shelvage. Probably next week. While we were clearing the shed we figured we would clear the area in between each shed and threw away so much. Mission Accomplished!!😁I feel so much better and my husband does too! 

    So next week, I will update you on the progress of the shed, hopefully my she-cave will be back to normal and maybe his will be done by the time football starts...lol

    Key take away here: Remember to social distance not just with people but clutter. Go clear out your closet or rearrange the furniture and keep anxiety under control☺

    Let me know in the comments what you did to ease anxiety?

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    Have a Great Week Ladies❤❤❤

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