Do you ever feel stuck?

    Do you ever feel stuck? You feel like nothing calls your attention anymore, every little thing irritates you, and you don't even know yourself anymore. 

    I know, I've been there... Could even say I'm there right now..

    I know I have a big purpose. I'm sure I’m meant to be more than what I am right now, I have a big future out there… but how do I get there? 

    I lost myself, I went deep down the ocean with the water freezing me and the happiness I always knew about. 

    Teaching, which I used to enjoy. Writing, which is my passion. Dancing, which is my hobby. They don’t seem that way anymore. They don't look funny anymore. 

    "What happened to me? Why do I feel that way? Why are tears always falling down?" These questions dance around my head as if there was a never-ending party.

    My chest hurts, my head turns around, and it feels like there’s a big sledgehammer kicking my brain. I want to cry… I want to give up… 

    But is it an option? My boyfriend is there, helping me, rooting for me. The only one who actually cares about my mental health… He believes in me, trusts me, then why can’t I? 

    Why can’t I? Why do I feel stuck? Why do we feel stuck?  


    Hey there! This is a bit of a personal post… It was a way of letting some thoughts out, but if you’re in that situation, and need someone to share it with, don’t be afraid to reach out! 

    • Annaleid B Annaleid B :

      So good that you share your feelings in this post! I saw a quote the other day "it's oke not to be oke", which I think is an awesome one! 

      2 years ago 
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