Happy World Television Day! What is new on Netflix?

Happy World Television Day! What is new on Netflix?

    The 21st of November is World Television Day! On this day, we recognize the role of television in informing, educating and entertaining people from all around the world! 

    The UN, who first decided to celebrate this day, want to point out the major role the television has in presenting global issues affecting people all around the world. There is something particularly charming about television;  it is a great opportunity to gather with family or friends and watch something entertaining, and it is definitely more comfortable than squeezing next to others while looking at the small computer screen. Let's go back in the past: 

    As we are all probably familiar with television’s history, for this day, I have found some fun/informative facts about this medium:

    1.  The cost of a half-minute advertisement in the 2008 Super Bowl broadcast was 2.7 million dollars

    2. That is a big difference compared to the first television commercial for Bulova Watches in 1941, in New York,  for which the company paid 9 dollars!

    3. The most-watched television show in the world is the British Top Gear. It is watched in 170 countries with an estimated 350 million weekly viewers

    4. If you grew up watching black and white television, you are more likely to dream in these colors as well


    5. An average American family watches eight hours of television per day

    6. The average American child sees about 13.000 deaths on television by the age of 14, which is a worrying fact!

    No matter how great television is, we can’t deny how many great series ones can find on Netflix! My perfect combination is finding a good series on Netflix and watching it on TV! To celebrate this day, I recommend finding a good Netflix show and switching your Television on!  If you need some recommendations for good series, here are the ones I am currently watching:

    1.Breaking Bad

    I have heard a lot about this series and know it was one of the most-watched television series of all the time, and I was really curious to see why. In the series, Walter White, a chemistry teacher who finds out he has terminal lung cancer, transforms into a drug manufacturer to secure his family's finances. He works with his former student, and due to his drug-related activities, he finds himself in odd situations with his family. The series has a unique plot and kept my attention throughout the whole time, and is great to watch with friends!

    2.     The Crown 

    The Crown is a historical drama and biographical story of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It is a very dynamic show and it really helps you learn more about England, its history, a way of life and what is happening in Europe at this time. I love the British accent and that is an extra reason I love the show that much! It gives a face to the British royalty and gives an insight in the usual, very private, the life of the Queen and her family. As we often forget these people are human beings with emotions, this show really helps change that. Rumors say it that the Queen first had to approve the show and that the royalty has watched every season! 

    What are your favorite shows? Are you more of a Laptop or Television type?

    Leave your comments below!




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