Hardcore exercising… but not really.

    Just the first week I struggled to put myself on the cross trainer and the yoga mat. Sleep-charged and somewhat grumpy, my inner lazy-voice demanded a one-way ticket back to bed.
    But my stubborn-ambitious side always wins and thus I dragged myself into our little gym basement and started to work out 5 or 6 days a week.

    Ever felt like you could be more productive and feel better if you’d move a little more? In my case, I got fed up with feeling unhealthy and unmotivated in the mornings. Plus I was out of breath very easily. Plus; like many other girls, I have body parts which I’m not fond of. Thankfully with the right kind of exercise you can shape your body to your liking.

    I spend time on the crosstrainer for 20 till 40 minutes 3 times a week, switched with 3 moments of leg exercises for 15 minutes.
    That’s all I’m doing; No bootcamp, no new strict exercise scheme and no new drastic sport routine. Just small activities which can be combined with my graduation assignment (which craves a lot of time). I do change exercises and cross trainer positions to avoid getting stuck in a rud.

    7 weeks later.
    -I sleep less, normally I’m a wool mouse with a bed preference, but after a couple of weeks my sleep craving was reduced.
    -When I exercise I feel healthy and when I feel healthy I don’t want to stuff myself with food I shouldn’t eat in the first place (intolerant to most junk food, but I can’t resist) .
    -I feel more productive, especially when I did a workout session in the morning.
    -It takes a little time, but when you notice your body is changing to your liking, the more I feel motivated to continue.

    I haven’t experienced any downsides except for disappointment when I skipped a day. I guess all perfectionists experience this feeling.

    I’m a lucky bastard for having my own little gym which makes exercising more accessible. I also have a daily schedule in which my routine fits perfectly.
    I guess what’s making me most happy about my own structure is the relaxedness of it. I’ve read so many stories about boot camps, extreme schedules and such, that finding my own way of regular exercising is a relief. My goal is to be in better shape and to grow my immune system to be strong enough to fight off all the evil flu’s in the world.

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