Healthy grocery haul 2021 + easy meal ideas

    It is the new end of the week or the new beginning of the week however you like to think. What has happened last year around this time of year everybody has got the alert that health is something that you can’t buy. You need to feed your body with healthy nutritive value every single day.

    If you are a snacker like me I can only imagine that you have some struggles, guuuurl I’ve been there. 

    I’ll share with you some nuts ( hazelnut, cashew, brazil, almond, etc.) that I love to snack or simply make yourself popcorn without added salt, butter, sugar just popcorns!



    I need to make a declaimer I am not a nutritionist all information that I am talking about in the videos is from books and the internet.

    Our main reason was to help my dad out because he got the yellow card ( like in the soccer game) from the doctor. He got high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. After that, my mom said no chemicals (aka no medications) we will all change diet for you.

    Besides that, I am a snacker I am also a sweet tooth. Because I get bad acne when I eat normal milk chocolate I love dark chocolate. I know that not everyone is a fan of that but I am the only one here that loves dark chocolate!?


    In the video, I have shared one tip of post covid that we get from family friends. You will be surprised I don't know why people don't talk about that more! If you are interested in finding more watch the video!   


    • Kashish P Kashish P :

      Great covid tip, my mom has been struggling post covid will definitely try the honey. Thanks! 

      1 year ago 
      • Marcela I Marcela I :

        You're very welcome! I was really amazed how much benefit has this honey and daily exercise of course   

        1 year ago 
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