Hello June - Journal Entry June 1st 2020

    Hello June, and welcome to the fourth month of Coronavirus.

    I gotta admit that that sentence is pretty sad, isn’t it?

    Another month has gone by and we are still trying to recover from this pandemic. We wait with bated breath for all to be normal again.

    Nevertheless, there have been changes. Some stores have been allowed to be open and people have been so excited to do a little shopping that they are willing to wait in long line ups to get in. I am of course, guilty of that!

    I’m hoping that this month will begin to have positive news. I’m hoping that June will bring on beautiful sunny days because sunshine brings on smiles. I’m hoping that our daily, weekly counts of Covid-19 would dissipate, and I’m hoping that more businesses can open up and we can enjoy our usual hangouts and our usual get together’s once again.

    For the meanwhile, let us embrace this new month with positive thoughts and energy.

    We all need this to move forward and gain momentum into a new month of new projects, new beginnings, a new mindset, focus, new intentions, and new results.

    “A new month is like a blank book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself.

    Happy New Month.”


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