How to Achieve the Body Confidence You Need: Improving Posture through Sustained Workouts

How to Achieve the Body Confidence You Need: Improving Posture through Sustained Workouts

    Hello my lovelies ✨

    How have you been? Today, we’re exploring how sustained workouts can help you achieve the confidence you need and the ‘winner’ posture. Keep on reading for my tips coming from my experience with working out constantly.

    When / where should you workout?

    First of all, you need to find a convenient time and super convenient gym place (no more than 10 minutes walking until you reach it). I can’t stress enough how important this is. It will help you not quit it when you would rather have a pizza and a glass of red wine instead. Personally, I go to the gym right next to my work place during lunch time. I appreciate that some of you won’t find lunch the best time for the gym, but you can have a handful of almonds before your workout and have your launch at the desk (not the perfect scenario, but it’s worth it) after you complete it. That’s what I do and trust me, it really works!

    Achieving Body Confidence

    When you work out, you feel you are making progress. You feel you’re getting close to a better lifestyle, you release stress and you feel you’ve burned out those fats that you put on from that small chocolate bar you had the day before. You will soon discover that if you attend the gym from two to three times a week, in three or four months your body posture will improve.  I would highly recommend going to classes as they teach you how to lift weights and they will push you to your limits (I know they do for me). Your posture will improve, you will walk with more confidence, straight back and amazingly toned legs. And you don’t do it for the looks, you’re doing it for your inner confidence and the way you hold yourself. I didn’t realise this at first, but one day, I’ve put on my high-heels, some boyfriend jeans a white top and I was rocking the streets of City of London. I felt amazing! And you CAN FEEL THAT TOO.

    The motivation behind the sustained workouts 

    One thing that you must understand is that you need a high motivation to show up. Even if you feel that you’ll not give your best, it’s important to just show up. You’ll figure it out afterwards. Your motivation should be that you want to be the best version of yourself. And that’s enough! You might build bridges in your career, be the best chef and feel the best way possible through your workout sessions. It needs to be sustained though: try to go there three times a week and you will learn so much! I know I did. I knew NOTHING about the gym, about different exercises but I came to learn. I’ve learn so many things from YouTube videos, my boyfriend and magazines. After you work out for a while, you will feel the need for a healthy diet. Not BS-ing you right now, but eating healthy means so so much when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and improving your body feel. I might do a healthy eating post if you’re interested in what I eat to keep me slim and healthy.

    Miss Andrada Body Confidence

    So, go get yourself a gym pass and start your workout routine. You’ll see great improvement ?

    I’m so so happy to be here with you on your journey, so feel free to leave me any questions you might have in the comment section!

    Until next time,

    Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)

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