How to Create Time - Without Magic Wands

    Do you sometimes wish you had a magic wand to get everything done? Would you love it to be able to quit your job, start something on your own and work from home... but you think you have no time at all? 

    Well, today I'm going to help you create time for your projects. And nope. I'm not using any magic here! It all comes back down to learning how to use our time the smart way ;)

    I think we both agree that working 90 hours a week is no logical alternative to a 40-hour job, right? Why would you be quitting? To work twice as many hours? That would make no sense! So we have to be a little bit cleverer than the time we have available. How? Well, discarding those things we do without realizing that time goes by. Before we notice, 2021 will be here banging at the door, and we won't have done half of the things we set out to do back in January.

    I know this year hasn't been the easiest one to meet goals, but we still have more than 6 months ahead of us. Let's use them strategically, shall we?

    There are a couple of tricks that you can use to help you accomplish anything you really want to do - without getting exhausted! Just one step at a time. Life can be so much easier with a little bit of planning! Sometimes, we just have to tweak our routines a bit!

    So take a couple of minutes to read this "time-creation" post, and let me know what you think!

    Something we should never forget: Apart from health issues, the biggest obstacles that usually stop us from changing things are just the result of our mind telling us to stay in our comfort zone. And as much as I hate this "comfort zone" talk, we have to admit that staying where we are right now is always easier than change. So the key is never ever forgetting what our end goal is. Otherwise, we'll keep doing the same our whole life!

    Talking about stealing hours reminded me of the grey men in Momo, by Michael Ende. Have you read it? In the book, there are wicked grey men who steal time from humans. What are your time thieves? 

    Please leave your comments below ;)


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