How to Deal With Stress At Work | 5 Things You Need to Do Now

How to Deal With Stress At Work | 5 Things You Need to Do Now

    Hello everyone,

    How have you been? Since our schedules are getting busier with the festive season, I thought it’s the right time to talk about stress and how to deal with it at work from my own rather short experience. It might be tempting to take things to heart in an office environment, but you have to remember that everyone deals with stress in a different way. Don’t take anything personally and focus on making your life easier first. 

    Keep (very) organised 

    Cliche or not, being organised really helps with stress levels. Our mind remembers things at random times. By the time you start a task, your brain is thinking about the next two you might have to do next. To avoid this and be able to focus all your energy to each task, keep a weekly priority list. I prefer to write things down in an agenda, including meetings, calls, report deadlines, tasks and so on. I then go on and categorise them by day according to their priority. Then, on Mondays I know exactly what I have to do that week and on Thursday I have an idea on what’s on my list for the next week. If you have a side hustle, keep an agenda for that as well. It will get too hectic otherwise and your mind will feel tired! P.S: Get some nice writing tools (yes, the ones you really enjoy using, but don’t have the ‘time’ for. I carry loads of these in my bag instead of leaving them at home).

    Take time to recharge

    After a particular busy week at work (and at home), take time to recharge. Sometimes, in the middle of my week, I take one evening for myself. Yes, that’s one full evening where I look after myself. I cook a nice dinner, I run a bath then watch a show. I pour myself a glass of red wine or simply drink ginger tea and read something interesting before bed. I used to be power on all week and feel extremely tired all the time. I really find taking some time out once or twice a week very recharging. You should definitely try it!

    Your job is not your life

    It does provide you with material benefits and career satisfaction, but your job is not everything. Work to the best of your ability and always aspire to learn even more than the previous day, but when things get tense, remember that for all problems, there’s a solution. You will find it. On your own or together with your team. Don’t feel the weight of the company is on your shoulders because most of the times it isn’t. What I mean by this, is that there is always support. If you need it, raise your hand. If you don’t, great – take a step back from the problem and find a way to solve things knowing that there’s light at the end of the road. Don’t keep stressed inside. It’s not healthy for you and it won’t even help the company you’re working for.

    Engage in healthy activities

    A great way to clear your head is exercising. I know, you’ll tell me you’re too busy to even go to the gym or a yoga class when you have so much on. Let me tell you this: You only have time for the things you want to have time for. It’s an excuse that you might use. Instead, look at it as your way to work on your wellbeing. 

    Create boundaries to your work life balance

    Do you have your work phone on all the time? Do you look at your emails in the evenings? Each of us have a preference into how much we allow work into our daily life, but it’s healthier to focus on yourself when you’re not at work. It’s better for everyone: for you because you get that time to recharge or run your errands and for the company because they have a well rested employee that will perform even better. Spend some time thinking about this and try it for yourself. Welcome changes in your life.

    These are my preferred ways to deal with stress at work;  I really believe stress affects you as long as you let it to. I hope that by engaging in these activities you’ll find it easier to deal with stress and everything else that comes with it.

    Lots of love,

    Andrada NotAGirlyGal

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