How to Design a Kitchen in Cafe Style

    Probably, everyone would not enjoy sitting in a cafe or restaurant in the evening, enjoying delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere. Most likely, this explains the popularity of such a design direction as a cafe-style kitchen. 

    Cafe-style kitchens are very stylish and cozy. This is a very special design trend, as you need to combine the characteristic features of a cafe or pub with the functionality of a home kitchen. How to do it? Now let's figure it out! 

    Cafe Style Trends

    First, you need to decide what kind of cafe you want your kitchen to look like. And after that, take up the finishing work and the selection of furniture. It can be absolutely anything - everything depends on your preferences. Some people like the retro atmosphere of classic American bistros from the 1950s, while others want to recreate a cozy French coffee house. However, designers identify five most popular trends. You can choose one of them, or you can look at establishments with a different theme - it all depends on you. The main thing is to choose the direction that suits you. 

    1. Traditional 1950s diner

    Bright colors, pop art, lacquered sofas, and plastic tables. This interior looks very bright and positive. It is closest in spirit to the retro style, however, it has its own characteristic features that must be taken into account when drawing up a design project. The American cafe is a very popular design. 

    2. British bakery

    Cozy and homely, British bakeries are characterized by an abundance of natural materials and earthy colors. Such an interior will suit you well if you want to create an atmosphere of warmth and old-fashioned homeliness. British bakery style is about comfort in the first place. 

    3. Italian trattoria

    An Italian trattoria is impossible without natural materials. However, bright colors are already appearing here - in fact, all saturated shades of the natural spectrum will be appropriate. In addition, the presence of decorative elements and a lot of free space is important. An Italian kitchen in a cafe style is usually more colorful. 

    4. French cafe

    Many people appreciate the almost intimate atmosphere of French cafes - subdued lighting, a combination of dark and pastel colors, elegant decorations, and starched tablecloths. Such a kitchen will appeal to lovers of the classics - the interior will turn out to be discreet and elegant. It’s definitely for lovers of romance. 

    5. German bar

    The interior of a German bar can be used to create a loft-style interior. The most interesting combinations of materials and shapes are possible here - wood and metal, aged dishes and bright, etc. The field for experiments is practically unlimited. 

    Which cafe style to choose? It's up to you to decide. If you wish, you can even recreate the interior of McDonald's or be inspired by the motifs of a street cafe from a neighboring house. However, keep in mind that the chosen style will have to be strictly adhered to - unless, of course, you want to get an illogical hodgepodge of a variety of catering establishments. If you stick to the style, you can even arrange a real bar in the apartment. 

    Zoning and Layout 

    For a cafe-style kitchen, it is very important to correctly zone the room. You will need to separate the kitchen area from the dining area - a logical division that is used in all cafes. Clear zoning is very important for the cafe style. 

    This can be done in various ways. The most interesting one is to install a bar counter in the kitchen. Even in a small kitchen, it can be appropriate. The bar counter is great for any style of cafe, and in some cases can replace the dining table. The bar counter can be the highlight of your cafe. Install it in such a way as to fence off the working area - in a decent cafe, the kitchen is still located separately from the hall. 

    If you don't like the idea of a breakfast bar or the kitchen is just tiny, use a zoning finish. Different colors of walls or floors, decorative frames on the walls - all this will help to visually divide the room. Different flooring will also help zone the kitchen. You can design a real chef's kitchen with all its characteristic features. It’s ideal for cooking lovers. 

    Color Solutions and Combinations 

    Here everything depends on which stylistic direction you have chosen. Working with colors requires an individual approach. For example, for an American cafe, you can use red and blue shades. Do not be afraid of glossy textures and bold decor - in this case it is very difficult to overdo it. Try using the color wheel - it is important that bright shades are combined with each other. American style loves different colors. 

    For a French cafe, use elegant tones. Shades of brown and beige will be appropriate. To enliven the interior, brighter tones are also acceptable, but they shouldn't be saturated, rather muffled. Lots of wood and natural tones are the key to success. Give preference to matte texture. 

    However, the soft radiance of satin will also look good. Do not try to make the interior monochromatic - a combination of several shades looks much better. 

    Look for color combinations you would like. However, if you want to design a cafe in the style of a chalet, you can experiment with monochrome interiors. Choose colors that are characteristic of Scandinavian or Norwegian styles. White, blue, and brown shades are more than appropriate and look good in a dominant role, especially if you add a few bright color accents. Add colorful accents to a monochromatic interior. 

    An Italian cafe requires an abundance of wood. Use different shades of wood, and combine them with each other. Bright colors can be added with green, red, blue, or yellow accessories. 

    If you are planning a German pub-style interior, wood is also good. However, in this case, preference should be given to dark deep woods. Order a countertop made of oak or its imitation. You can experiment and finish the walls in this way. As a decor, you can use almost any tone - despite their strict Nordic reputation, the Germans in pubs prefer to relax. Therefore, those accents that you consider necessary are acceptable. Wood and any shades are the choices of the German style. 

    In general, be guided by your own taste. Do not try to meet the standards regardless of your preferences  - make sure that you like the kitchen. 

    Options for Finishing the Kitchen

    The final impression largely depends on how you decorate the kitchen in the style of a cafe. Therefore, the issue should be approached responsibly. However, unlike strict classics or, for example, eco-style, the cafe allows a wide variety of experiments. 

    Finishing materials can be very different. Again, it is worth considering the features of the style you choose. However, there are some common points. For example, a plasterboard ceiling with stucco and carved elements is unlikely to suit you but a simple plain coating, a bright stretch ceiling with a print for an American cafe, or a laminate for an elegant French one will be very appropriate. The ceiling is better to keep simple. 

    For the floor, too, it is not recommended to choose too pretentious materials. Tiles are best - practical ceramics are often used in catering establishments of various types. Laminate and linoleum have also proven themselves well. 

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