How to Motivate Yourself: 6 ways to find your Motivation at work

How to Motivate Yourself: 6 ways to find your Motivation at work

    Feeling a bit unmotivated at work? It’s quite normal to lose your motivation at some point, so don’t panic. We’re not robots, although sometimes I wish we were. We need to constantly adapt to living conditions, our tired body, consumed minds and busy lifestyle. There are times when we had enough, we need to take a breather and then start all over again, perhaps with a different perspective. These are 6 ways to find your motivation at work

    Remember why you started your job

    Remember your motivation for working at the current company. It has to be something more than your monthly wage. Of course, your salary matters and it might motivate you at first, but after a while you’ll get used to it. It won’t last, trust me.

    Do you love the ownership you have in your job? Happy about exploring your analytical skills in your role? Think about all the details that got you started and feel content about working there. Come up with a list and make sure you display it somewhere you spend time often

    Go to the gym during lunch

    Since I’ve started incorporating some gym time into my daily office routine, I have noticed that I’m becoming more and more energetic (maybe it didn’t happen at first) and feeling better about myself and the world. My days became brighter and I’m feeling happier because I’ve also done something for my health that day besides just waking up to work. Find a gym close to your office and gives this a go. You won’t regret it at all! ? 

    Brew your favourite coffee

    Don’t really enjoy the hot drinks available in your office? Bring your favourite drinks at work and brew your favourite drinks. I have all kinds of teas and coffees that I really enjoy. This is a simple, but effective trick to find your motivation at work. I look forward to my daily brews and I’m sure that you will too. 

    Diversify your projects

    It’s human nature to feel a need for variety in your work. Are there any new projects at the company that you could get involved in? Pitch yourself to the management team and offer yourself to support them. Then, show these people how the project can benefit from your expertise. Proactive people are the most rewarded at companies as well, so I’m sure that if there is scope, you’ll be involved in the projects you have your eyes on. You just need to play your part: inform yourself and have a chat. With this in mind, you’ll surely find your motivation at work. 

    Push your limits

    Push your limits at work and you’ll always have something exciting to look forward to.  I know that I’m really interested in progress, so this technique works really well for me.  Do something new and don’t be afraid to try new things often. You’ll feel motivated to action your new goals, expand your knowledge and build a great CV.

    Create a Personal Development Plan (and stick to it)

    Personal Development Plans are there for you to expand your knowledge and confidence in different areas of your field. Say that you work in marketing, there can be areas that you don’t currently ‘touch’ in your role, so a plan can help you map out the areas you would like to get more expertise in (eg. PPC, SEO, Email Marketing etc.). Allocate a set time a day with your line manager when you can do courses, watch videos, read books on the subject. Don’t forget to measure your success as well and share the information with your team. If this won’t motivate you at work, I don’t know what will.

    And that’s how to motivate yourself at work! I’m really happy that you’re interested in keeping yourself on top of everything and I wish you the very best of luck in your career. If you have a question on how to motivate yourself at work, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section below.

    Until next time,

    Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)

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