How your personal style affects self-confidence

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been enjoying playing around with different styles this Autumn and I’ve been testing this very interesting concept of seeing how style can impact on my self-confidence while I perform everyday tasks. Keep on reading to find out the incredible results and perhaps to get inspired to take action.

    In today’s world, I see more and more people dressing casual and not necessarily taking the time to put an effort into dressing up. What in the past used to be a must do, today, some of us prefer to put on some trainers & a branded hoodie (has to be branded) and walk out the door. The rules have changed and as a repercussion, people look like they’re about to go to the gym pretty much all the time. Does it have an impact on their self-confidence? I tested this out myself and the results are shocking!

    Rather than being here to judge or say it’s not okay, I will go through the benefits of wearing something a bit more elegant & put together. These benefits are enormous for your self-confidence and will make you feel ready to face obstacles at any time.

    How did the test roll out?

    For two weeks I used to dress more stylish and attentive to details from Monday to Thursday. Then, come the end of the week, I used to wear jeans, trainers and a simple top. I didn’t wear gym wear or anything like it, simply because I never wear it outside the gym. So, it would have been extreme for me and I preferred to do a fair test.


    The difference I felt in my mood and even self-confidence was insane. When I had on this gorgeous pair of faux leather legging and this stylish top, I felt so ready to action my day.

    Some of the positive changes I’ve noticed:

    • I felt so motivated to kick off the day.
    •  I felt I performed better at work.
    •  I was ready to work on my projects (not as tired).
    •  Overall felt more confident to action everything the day would throw at me.

    Each time I looked at myself in the mirror, I smiled. Simply because I really enjoyed what I saw: a powerful woman. That’s where you should aim too. We’re all so lucky to be born women and have the pleasure to dress up to look sexy, elegant and powerful. There’s no reason why you should be throwing on a pair of jeans and some trainers when your body looks amazing in more feminine things in which you’ll feel more focused and ready to conquer the world.

    Remember that this piece of advice is coming from a not so girly girl, so don’t sit there and think self-confidence will only be improved will heels. Self-confidence comes to you when you feel happy with yourself and who you are. Experience with chic styles and notices how it makes you feel. Think of it the other way around too. What do you see in a woman who has an imposing style? A woman who knows what she’s doing and looks extremely stylish? I personally see a winner. A person who has her life together. A woman who has power.

    What do you choose then? To be the dress to be successful woman or the casual lady next door? It’s your decision to make, but trust me, gave it a go because it’s definitely worth it. Only do what’s best for yourself.

    Have a fabulous end of the week,

    Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)

    • Denise  H Denise H :

      Love this! I totally agree, dressing in the clothes that make you feel most stylish certainly makes a difference to your mood, and how you feel about yourself 💛

      2 years ago 
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