I spent my Women's day with Lies and chills.

    So after attending church service on Sunday, I decided to have a little merry to celebrate the women's day by going to a restaurant. I ate some potatoes, Caribbean chicken and waffles.

    While sitting down after my meal and enjoying the calm cool music, two people walked into the restaurant, a beautiful lady and a man. They sat not too far from my table. After they sat down, the man introduced himself to the lady and she did introduce herself to him in return, and immediately I knew they were just meeting for the very first time. It didn't take up to a minute, the guy started talking about all the properties he owns, he said he has houses in California, Miami, Europe and that his company bought Viber,  he mentioned the name of the company to her and immediately I browsed the company that owns Viber and it was totally different from what he mentioned. He was really loud, I guess it's because Ukraine isn't an English speaking country so he didn't expect that anyone around could understand him.

    I started feeling really bad for the lady. This is a Ukrainian lady but she could speak English. He didn't give her any audience to tell him about herself, he just kept on talking about properties, business meetings and travel experience.

    What blew my head was when he said he came to Ukraine to take a Ukrainian princess and that he wants to marry her, like serious! !they were meeting for the first time. The lady hardly said a word. He did all the talking and even mentioned that he loves all the dishes in the world, he loves to learn languages and he will also like if she could come with him to India for a business meeting. I knew she was in for a disaster, it's either this was just a guy who wants her for sex or a guy who actually wants to take her to India for sex trade. (This is my opinion).

    I just sat down, wondering how people take their time to plot lies and evil. Well, the lady is a grown-up and I hope she was able to figure out that he is a lier and never follow him to India if that even exists. I felt a bit unease after I left the restaurant because there has been an issue of sex trade slavery in India. Girls are captured and kept inside a house and used for sex trade. They don't get to go out for years only if they see an escape route.

    Generally, my day went well, I had fun eating one of my favourite meals. How did you spend your women's day celebration? Any adventure or story? Please let me know in the comment box below.

    Happy women's day.

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