Is minimalism the solution we are all looking for?

    For a while now I saw the trend of minimalistic style getting more and more popular and initially I thought this could be a great idea for the shopaholic in me. Getting rid of all the items that are not necessary, embracing a way of life where you only buy what you need and nothing more. Sticking to basic items and neural colors and following the rule of thumb that less is more. It all sounds very good, but is this actually doable for my life?

    Should I just trash/donate all the items that I have?

    I love nice things and I do buy them when I feel like that would look good or feel good, so naturally, I managed to gather a lot of stuff. Some unnecessary, some valuable. And there is a third category, one that is unnecessary yet it makes me feel good. In the rules of minimalism, I would have to give up on everything that is not a necessity. If I do not need it, then it has to go. 

    Life is not only about necessities, it also about the things that sparkle a little bit of joy. I might not need a polka dot dress and I might wear it once a year, but I do not have to give it up, just because I would only need a simple black dress. Also, there will always be those items that you only wear once (prom dress, a beautiful pair of shoes, etc) but that have memories like them, and just as souvenirs might take you back to a special moment. 

    What if I don’t want to be a minimalist in a year and I will re-buy everything back?

    I am hoping I am not the only one that has this question in mind when it comes to permanent decisions. I might not have the best wardrobe ever, I might not be in the place where all the items that I owned are the best quality and versatile, yet giving all up for an idea that I am not 100% convinced it can fit me, is not something that I am willing to try. 

    It can be that right now I might want to make a change, and since 2020 is such a unique year, it might look like the best time, yet it is especially since we have so many changes that making so more drastic ones could be a source of regret in the future.

    Life is all about colors

    It’s true that neutrals will always look good, classic, and expensive, but colors spread joy and make you feel like a kid again. Bright yellow, orange, royal blue, or hot red are all colors that elevate your spirit, especially during the summer when nature is competing with its own colors. Having a very stylish yet boring wardrobe will not help your spirit. Sometimes we need those for a morale boost. 

    My organized chaos   

    There are a lot of ways you can describe my closet, yet organized it is not one of them. There is a logic in my chaos and I am able to find and match all the items. I love the fact that I can go on Pinterest, find some ideas, and then use the items that I already have to recreate it. 
    If I were to embrace the minimalist style that will no longer be possible. 

    Another point to this is that I love it when I miss my clothes. It can be weeks between wears of my favorite pieces, but when it happens it feels as if it’s new and I am wearing it for the first time. 

    I express myself through my outfits

    There are a lot of ways creativity can be expressed with, fashion being one of them. I am often using my outfits to express myself and to create an image that best describes my personality. Sometimes it is made from a crazy pattern on my dress, a pair of burgundy boots, or a cute small bag that can barely fit my phone. 

    My style was never a classic, minimalistic one, so a dramatic change could make me lose that part of my personality. 

    There is one direction where minimalistic does have great value to me

    Fast fashion is having a huge impact on the environment and the fact that we keep on buying is only making things worse. So adapting to a minimalistic style when it comes to buying new items is one of the principles that I am willing to follow. 

    Buying only items that I can easily integrate with what I already have, quality pieces that will last at least a few years, and investing in basics that fit me perfectly are always on my mind. The same is buying second hand or vintage and giving those pieces a new life. 

    We are all different in our lifestyle and I know for many people minimalism is a perfect fit, yet for me, I don't think it is, or at least not completely. I will always love to have those “it” pieces that make me happy and empower me. I do recommend everyone to try and buy less and invest in quality, we need to take care of our planet and environment, but avoid making huge changes that can impact your wellbeing, especially in this year of change.


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