Lazy Girl Tips for a Morale Boost

    With fall almost gone and the second wave of COVID-19 hitting Europe hard, we all need some good ideas for a morale boost. So here are my favorite activities to do at the end of October for 2020. 

    1. Fancy breakfast indoor 

    If we talk about lifting the spirit, then we need to start our day right. So what better way of pampering yourself for the day, than preparing a fancy, exclusivist breakfast. 

    Don’t worry I am no chef, so the easy way to go is what I choose. 

    All you need is a medium size avocado, that is ready to eat, some toast bread, salt, pepper and some paprika powder. To this you can add a to go cold coffee from Starbucks that you can find in almost all supermarkets.  

    Toast the bread, cut the avocado and spread it on the slices, add salt, pepper and paprika to it. Add it on a cute plate and there you go. 

    Not only that is fancy, but the avocado toast is also very healthy. 

    2. Dressing up for the (in-house) day

    When indoors I like to be comfy. I know that I will hate myself when I will have to wear heels and dresses, but for now I am enjoying the leisure wear. In order to be able to feel and look good, I do try to find outfits that I love and make me proud each time I cross the mirror. 

    Therefore I go for the yoga pants,cropped top and funny hoodie to make me feel as if I belong to Brooklyn NYC. Furthermore, I wear natural make-up and try to style my hair as casually as possible. 

    3. A good book and a hot chocolate (or wine)

    Fall and winter are the best when you get to enjoy a hot cup of chocolate along with a romantic and easy to read book. Personally I like to go for the romantic, happy ends types of books. We have enough to deal with 2020, at least the characters to enjoy life at the fullest. 

    4. Lifting the spirit and working out

    Cannot say that I was a big fan of home-workouts but let’s face it 2020 has taught us a lot of new habits. Nowadays I love to choose a positive and full with energy workout that will make me want to exercise. It was a couple of months that I started following Lilly Sabri on YouTube and I have to say I love her energy. Not to mention that she has the cutest dog.

    In the short series she manages to make me happier and more energetic. 

    Even if some days I feel like I want to skip the routine, I do my best not to. 

    5. Photo shoot in the park 

    Fall is one of the best times to do a photo-shoot in the park and since we aren’t doing much these days, why not give it a try. Style a fall outfit that will go well with the colors of fall, take your BFF or your boyfriend as the photographer and try some cool influencers poses. To make things even better, you can have a coffee to go and incorporate that in the photos as well. 

    Who knows, perhaps you need a change of your profile picture. 

    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Totally love these tips. Will bookmark the post. That avocado toast looks so delicious!

      3 years ago 
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