Mr. Peppermint

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    Mr. Peppermint is among the most popular single ingredient herbal teas. Mr. Peppermint is known for his flavoring and fragrance properties. There are numerous potential benefits of using peppermint leaves in infusions and tisanes. An essential oil can be extracted from peppermint leaves and be used in many foods, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It can be used as an antibacterial agent or as an alternative to antibiotics. The antioxidant properties of these plants have great value for humans as well as for pharmaceutical industries.

    The story of Mr. Peppermint and Tea

    Today it is common to find mint in most of the products displayed on the shelves of our local supermarket. We can find the aromatic use of mint in toothpaste, gum, and tea. Drinking mint tea is good for stress relief and aid with sleeping problems.

    When having an intestinal problem, Mr. Peppermint acts as a pain reliever. For laddies, an infusion of peppermint leaves can soothe menstrual cramps.

    Mr. Peppermint and Hair loss treatment

    The principal ingredient of peppermint oil, menthol, is primarily responsible for its beneficial effects. Scientific research has shown that mint consumed directly or indirectly may be a factor that strengthens hair roots. It is the menthol intervention that increases the sensitivity of cutaneous cold receptors that prevent hair loss.

    Recipe for homemade mint oil for hair

    Ingredients: Mint leaves and olive oil

    1. Wash your leaves and let dry for two days.
    2. Place the dry leaves in a jar and add the olive oil.
    3. Shake and leave it for two weeks and start applying it once per week.
    4. The result is remarkable.

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