No matter who you are, what you do, or where you live; everyone has been impacted by the ongoing pandemic, Coronavirus. It’s an incredibly scary time and had increased anxiety levels around the globe. Here in the UK, we are being advised to stay indoors, not venture out to bars and restaurants, and to work from home where possible. It’s safe to say that life has officially turned upside down.

    I’ve sat down multiple times this week wanting to tackle some new blog posts, but to be honest, I’m struggling to think of anything other than the ongoing news, so I thought I would take a different approach…

    Whilst I’m currently not following my regular daily routine, I thought I would tackle a popular blog post trend all whilst reminiscing of a simpler time! Also, keep an eye out for a follow-up post on my self-isolation daily routine coming soon!

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    My daily routine

    6:45am – My Lumie alarm clocks wake me up as per usual and I spend the next 10-20 minutes fighting the urge to fall back to sleep before getting out of bed.

    7:20am – After having my morning wash, I stare aimlessly into my wardrobe and hope that some sort of inspiration will jump out at me. I have so many clothes, but I can never find anything to wear. Honestly, the struggle is real!

    8:00am – Makeup on, hair done, suited and booted, I head to work.

    8:45am – I don’t start work until 9am but I’m the sort of person who likes to be early. So, before anyone else comes in, I’ve gotten into the habit of doing yoga in this time. When I say yoga, it is very basic and mainly involves stretching, but it really does set me up for the day.

    1:00pm – Lunchtime! I finally get to take a break from my desk and go for a much-needed walk.

    5:30pm – Hometime!

    6:00pm – I jump straight into the shower just so that my hair dries before bed. I much prefer showering in the evenings, almost like washing off the day so I can get into bed all nice and fresh.

    6:30pm – Dinner time, at last! This is followed by a bit of family time which usually means catching up on each others days and watching Eastenders, you know, the essentials.

    9:00pm – Time to head to bed, my favourite time of day. I like to get into bed early and wind down gradually by reading or watching YouTube or a Netflix series. No work, just me, my bed and a few candles, perfect!

    10:30 -11:00pm – lights out and time to settle down to sleep. I normally like to listen to nature sounds/music, or I self meditate to ensure a deep, relaxing sleep. For more tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, check out my post here.

    Ahh simpler times! It’s a pretty basic outline of my daily routine, and yes it’s somewhat boring, but just last week I was literally slap bang in the middle of this routine, but now it seems like such a distant memory. It’s crazy how quickly things can change. Still, it was nice to reminisce eh? What do you miss most from your daily routine?

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