Press the reset at least one time in a week

    Reset day is a new thing for me. I have only started doing this recently. By that, I mean since the end of August this year. This year was mentally challenging for me to keep my mind under control and not lose my mind completely. I am aware that a lot of you had the hardest time last year. For me, this year was more mentally challenging, part of that reason because I work with people. After I've put back my pieces together in which direction I wanted to go. I have spoken about that with girls in the Fashion Potluck community (premium members) and how much people have changed as humans. 

    Midsummer, I have discovered new things that have always interested me. For some reason, I never had time for them.

    At the beginning of the day, no rush was needed


    Why slow start of the day?

    During mornings l do prefer a slow start of the day. The slow start of the day allows me to prepare myself slowly without stress for that day. Recently, I'm starting my mornings along with my coffee and then taking my tarot cards and reading a little bit for myself. That way I do a little bit of reflection plus guidance. Who doesn't love to start their day on a positive note with a little bit of help! If you are interested to hear my story about how I have begun with the tarot, let me know in the comment section. I'll be happy to tell you! When I put myself into the right mindset, I love to take the time to read a few pages of the book. Because I don't have too much time in the summer, my autumns are months for including book time in my routines. As well as to buy, a few new books. Momentary I am reading Anatomic Habits by James Clear. If you haven't read this book, I highly suggest you add it to your reading list along with the 5 am club by Robin Sharma. The book Anatomic Habits it's about creating a system around habits that you want to implement in your life. Now, I am in the zone to prepare something for the snack and lunch.

    During Afternoon hours, I am pretending it's 1995 no WiFi

    Afternoons on the reset days are reserved for no social media, usually family time, trips, and pretend that we don't have internet. I highly suggest having those days in your life. It will make you appreciate real moments with your family and friends. Don't take for granted everything that you see on social media. When was the last time you have taken a break from social media?

    Back to the future evenings

    The evening is booked for planning, on paper and digitally for the next day.  I love planning my days, weeks & months. I like to be organized, with things I need to do. No matter what kind of planning you prefer (digital or on paper), you have so many options to choose from. I'm preferring both types of planning, on paper and digital. I have created printable planners, you can see that post on this link. In case you want to be able to plan digitally but don't want to sacrifice the pencil. A good alternative is the Good Notes app with a combination iPad + Apple Pencil. The two applications for the to-do list are Doneit and Supertodo. I love Apple's eco-system because everything is easily in sync. You don't have to worry about missing something. That's why I love technology so much. 


    Pamper and skincare time before the bed

    Caring about my skin is a big part of my everyday routine especially, during reset days! Foreo is my go-to brand for skincare devices. Are you looking for skincare devices? I highly recommend this brand to check them out. The good thing is we are close to Black Friday sales, plus Christmas is around the corner. I have many videos about my skincare routine with budget-friendly products. The rest of the evening, I like to watch a good Netflix series or movie with some snacks.

    Do you have reset days or weeks? What do you do during these days?

    • Tina C Tina C :

      Great post! Taking time to reset puts a lot of the day into perspective. Thanks!

      2 years ago 
      • Marcela I Marcela I :

        Thanks for reading, yes taking time for yourself and your needs are must in my life lol 

        2 years ago 
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