Planning is SIMPLE for everyone

    Sometimes, I feel like I have been more of a planner during my educational days. We have so much to do and learn have really heavy bags on our shoulders. I don't know if all the country has the politic that kids bring all the books home every day... When I remember those times I am glad that I don't go to school anymore, but on the other hand, I kind of regrating because kids have all the cool technology access to it that really can help them learn more. 

    Q: would you like me to show you my system of studying? Let me know in the comment section.   

    Are you giving up on monthly planning because you think there is not enough busy for you to do the plan?

    Please, trash that thought out of your mind ASAP! In the begging, planning can consume a little bit more time and effort from you. But, let me ask you this: how many times did you have months, weeks, days where you had nothing much to do, and that has turned in a second!? At that moment, you couldn't clear your mind because from no tasks you have had 20 of them to do. Well, for me that was most f the times when I didn't plan a thing. 

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    I am not saying that you need to plan every second of the month, week, or day. But consider making a rough plan. You can still hold your spontaneous self.

    You can see in my video for the Mach plan I didn't have anything special to do. Write down the goals monthly/ weekly, some notes of yourself that you would like to improve, mark important dates when you need to pay the bills, rent, etc. At the early stage, you can think I am not that dumb that I can't remember a few dates of my monthly to-dos. Let me ask you then, how many times did you forget about "those dates" when munch things have come up out of nowhere??


    In my experience, I have learned that if you have the blueprint (spine) it would be easier for you to insert it into your planner with other things that you already need to do. You will have a better perspective of your week/day. 

    You don't need to work hard just be smart about your work. Appreciate your time and whit whom you spend and giving your time at the end of the day.  In the past, I can recall all times when I was out and friends have had an amazing time, I didn't have it because I was worrying about things that have "ruin my plans".

    Some tips:

    In case, you are a beginner you should keep your planning system simple and easy for you to access. Don't copy other people we all have different frequencies on which we are function. Be true to yourself and your lifestyle. You can add things into your planning system when you are happy with the basic blueprint of your planning system. Don't be like me I try everything at once, take your time, and a good system you can build over time. This is a marathon, not a sprint (If you plan to stick with it). 

    To start you only need:

    Just like I have started with a planner you can do it to and see if that is something worth doing. You don't even need to buy a planner, use a simple notebook. You can start in-app GoodNotes or OneNote if you don't want to do it on paper. Or just use the calendar on your phone to be simply everything even more. When I think about it even more you just need will to start with.   


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