Printable Daily Planner in Beautiful Colors with Pops of Gold!

Printable Daily Planner in Beautiful Colors with Pops of Gold!

    I’m so excited to announce that I’ve finally opened my own Etsy shop! Opening my own shop has been a dream for a while now and I can’t believe it actually happened! I have big plans for this shop. I really hope for Simply Beth Boutique to be a place I can create quality products for those who want to decorate their homes with simple, beautiful décor and get their lives organized with fun, cute digital items they actually want to use! The home décor will come eventually, but for now I’ve got this gorgeous printable daily planner to keep your everyday life organized and on track!

    My favorite thing about these daily planners?  They’re SO cute!  I love the gold accents–I’ve been super into gold lately. I think my favorite by far is the mint/gold combo but I honestly love them all. The white and gold might be a close second–don’t make me play favorites! You can scroll down to see the other color options! They include pink/gold, gray/gold, navy/gold, navy/pink, lilac/gold, berry/gold, mint/gold, cream/gold, and white/gold.

    These planners are printable and can be placed into any 8.5 x 11 inch refillable planner you have! These would also be perfect in a binder as well–you could create a home binder to keep your home and life organized! These printable planners can be printed over and over and customized for each specific week.

    So what exactly does this planner help you organize?  Life!  I’m a huge list person so there are plenty of places to keep various lists–weekly goals, daily tasks/goals/appointments, grocery lists–you can even track your weekly bills and budget balance. I’ve included some pages that allow you to track your meal plan and exercise routines for the week as well! The most important thing to me was to create a way to keep up with all of this in the same place–I’m terrible about keeping lists in 3 different places–which means I’m always searching for information.  These printable daily planners allow you to keep them all in one place to easily access! 

    This printable Daily Planner is priced at $5.95 each and, like I said, can be used over and over! 

    So, if you’re looking for a fun way to track your daily activities, notes, and goals, look no further!  This gorgeous printable daily planner will make keeping up with life a lot more fun–and much cuter (with a pop of gold)!

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