Reading Ringmaster by Brianna Hale


    Cale has the circus in his blood. As ringmaster and owner of Meriful’s Traveling Circus, his world is the arena, the spectacle and the heat of the spotlight. He looks out for his ragtag troupe of performers as if they’re his family, because after tragedy struck, they are.

    Ryah’s been battered and bruised by life and is ready to give up. Then Cale finds her, and she runs away to join Meriful’s Traveling Circus and becomes the horseback acrobatics star she’s always dreamed of being.

    What ultimately calls to her is Cale’s dangerous knife-throwing act, and the thrill of putting her life in his hands. Soon, she doesn’t want to be just part of his act. Cale’s doing his best to resist the fragile eighteen-year-old. He’s the ringmaster, but lately he’s been wondering… Who’s running rings around who?


    Steamy, Angsty and Slow Burn! I absolutely love this, a 5 star worthy book; I super recommend! Ryah and Cale’s chemistry is just fire. The circus aspect was really intriguing. I fell in love with Brianna Hale’s style of writing and this will definitely not be the last. It comes out May 13, so please do stay tuned.

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