Reasons Why Failing Makes You More Confident

Reasons Why Failing Makes You More Confident

    Photo by Vladyslava Andriyenko on Unsplash 

    "I’ve seen that failing has got me new wings of confidence and a great deal of learning, I’ll never get any other way. So I don’t fear failing anymore. " 

    The fears of failure sabotage our confidence levels, and we start moving away from our goals. But what if I tell you that; “failing no way makes you a failure, but definitely a confident person!" This came from my experience. I was once nowhere, and by failing again and again in too many phases of my life; I accepted that- "I'm no good." More often than not it still tries to pop its head up to remind me- how many times I have failed in everything in my past? Failure is a very tough word; mighty enough to smack your confidence, and to bring down your faith on yourself.  But don't stop just because you failed to do something once! Keep trying. Keep dreaming.  

    But you must be still wondering; why did I even say that, "failing makes you more confident?" Yes, I'm coming to that! Read on to know why?  https://www.thepositivewindow.com/failing-makes-you-confident/

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