Reversing PCOS Hair Loss

    If you've been on this hair loss journey with me since 2018, you know that I tried everything to learn about the cause of the hair loss, how to hide it, how to fix it, and so on. So, in this update video, I'm going to tell you all how I'm working on reversing my PCOS-related hair loss through diet, lifestyle and more. 

    There is so much misinformation about PCOS and so many women had no idea that you can even reverse your hair loss! By working with an ND, speaking to doctors, dermatologists, and more, I've learned why we lose hair with PCOS and how to fix it from the inside out.

     It IS possible, it just requires a lot of time and patience. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I can address them in another video!


    • Charles T Charles T :

      The video is interesting but I have a terrible problem lately I've been losing quite a lot of hair. I went to color my hair and had to use a lot of hair bleach. I really need some helpful advice from you to prevent this situation.

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      1 year ago 
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