Room transformation much needed

    I've planned for years to make some changes in my room. Somehow, always comes something more significant that I am willing to sacrifice room makeover over upgrading a phone, computer, camera, lens, bed, etc. My thoughts stand I only use a room for a little during the day. That is true only during summertime.

    My starting point of the table was this. 

    At the moment, when I am looking at the picture, It is too cluttered and too orange. I can stand this layout, not even on the images. 

    For the last few years, I have been thinking about how to make my room functional and minimalistic at the same time. This room is my "home office" for the creative work that I enjoy, but at the same time, I find that you can go into your head with analytics. It's the only negative side for me when you are trying to be a content creator. I'll leave this discussion for some other post, possibly. Write me in the comments below about the biggest challenge in your job.

    One day, I browsed the internet for some inspiration. No, my first option is not Pinterest. I don't know why I don't have a habit of checking Pinterest for inspiration first. I lend on the IKEA website to check some ideas. They understand the trouble of the small living spaces and offer some reasonable solutions for them. If you are thinking now:" girl, you have to spend some money that day." I didn't. Rarely I bought something without thinking twice. I always ask myself: do I need that or this? Can I find a cheaper solution? 

    I returned to the IKEA website a few days after. I have taken another look, at the list that I created on the first day. It may seem odd, but I love to revisit things to make sure that my thoughts remained the same and that I am sure of my decision. The last that you need is to buy furniture that you don't end up liking. That can be annoying when you are living in a small city. If you are thinking:" Why don't you return it? The returning policies are horrible, the easiest thing is to keep them. On the other hand, IKEA products are easy to build, and you don't need to be skilled.

    I see now, why ALEX drawers are so popular. Firstly, I thought they are too basic. You can put them in any room and they will look nice. They have given me so much storage that I didn't even fill them all. 

    In case you are spending a lot of hours on the computer if you can afford it. Buy the table on which you can adjust the high for standing and sitting. I am still not at that point, but maybe someday. On my 9 to 5 we don't have chairs but, we have high desk it can be good to change a position sometimes. 

    The color of the room I have decided to keep it white and have some accent colors like grey and purple colors around. For example, on the bed, some accessories, etc. I  will add some little things over time. I will make sure to include them in future videos. 

    Before taking my room apart, it took me a whole week to get rid of all the things that have cluttered the space. Finally, make the time to clear that out. Sometimes, you need to put yourself in a new situation and make yourself have fewer things.

    Even though this whole process took me a bit to put together, I enjoyed it. It made me excited. One part of the room was a makeover after the long summer season. I am mentally over the summer, I am looking forward to autumn and winter every year! 

    I hope that this autumn and winter, I will travel more and be more dedicated to creation. I am open to suggestions for the content as well. If you are interested in something, let me know. I will be happy to include them in one of my following videos. 

    I appreciate all of you, for taking the time to read the post, press like, and even leave comments.


    Until the next post & video.

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