Seize Today!

    I really really love this book!

    Instead of just our common mantra "seize the day" it took a step forward and says, "seize today".

    This has been my mantra for 2 years already. I've been inside my fears of stepping forward and getting out of my comfort zone.

    When I was a little kid, I was shy but full of spirit to try new things until I reached senior high school where I put myself in a safe box. I became a coward. I just go to school to study, do my little things, go home, repeat. It was memorable because of my friends and not because of me.

    But! It's not too late. There is always a "today". Now, I do my best to seize my everyday. And I hope you apply this too.

    Just like the title of this book, I want you to seize today! Make the most of your present and I hope you also take this one step farther.

    Have a great day! ❤

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