Setting & Keeping Resolutions


    I recorded this video on December 26th with every intention to have it up on or before New Year's Eve. In the video, I talk about my bittersweet feelings for the holiday and how I'm striving to get through those and just enjoy myself. Little did I know, a few days later a friend of mine would lose his battle to depression on New Years Day. This week has been devastating, to say the least, and editing this video was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I'm dedicating this video to him, the kindest, purist friend I had the privilege of knowing. My heart breaks over and over again knowing you're not here, but I'm going to push through and try to continue to make this the best year ever because I know its what you would have wanted. I contemplated uploading this video, every day that passed, I knew it was getting less "topical". I realized I didn't care how topical it was, I recorded this without knowing the heartbreak that was to come, I set these resolutions with a clear mind and clear intention.

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