Summer Self-care: Skin, Hair and Mental Health

Summer Self-care: Skin, Hair and Mental Health

    During warm summer days, I usually feel the necessity for a unique skin, hair and mental health care! On that account, summer is the time for you to ditch thick moisturizers and unhealthy habits and implement lighter care and a mindful lifestyle. 

    Using the right care for summer will not only ensure a gorgeous, healthy look, but it will also keep you more energized for the muggy weather. As such, I’ve gathered my favorite tips for healthy skin and hair, and good mental health that I have implemented for the past few years, and I hope you find them of use as well. Let’s go!


    Shift to lighter makeup 

    Walking with full-on makeup during hot summer days is quite a torture: the makeup can easily melt; it feels heavy on your face and it can clog your pores. To keep a fresh look, I encourage you to avoid heavy foundation and switch to lighter products that are water-based. Instead of a full-coverage foundation, consider a sheer CC cream. My favorite one is the CCC Cream by CLE Cosmetics. I easily achieve an even skin tone with this product, and it also has SPF 45 protection, ideal for strong sunlight. You can buy it for €27.28 here. If you use foundation to cover up redness, drinking plenty of water can help reduce it. 

    For lipstick shades, I opt for neutral tones during summer days,  and I have recently discovered this amazing Matte Lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills. It has a creamy, light texture, and it lasts for several hours. You can buy it for €20.50 here. If this is not your shade, don’t worry, as there are 35 different ones to choose from! 

    Waterproof products are your best friend for sunny days on the beach! Although I usually avoid any makeup for this occasion, a touch of waterproof mascara is always fine! I recommend the Double Fix Mascara by Clarins. With two brushes, you can use it both for your eyelashes and as an eyebrow groomer. Order it for € 22,39 here. As your face sweats a lot during summer, you can also try oil-absorbing clay mask once a week!


    During summer, exfoliation by dry brushing is an amazing way to bring a healthy glow to your skin almost immediately! Dry brushing has recently gained a lot of attention for multiple reasons: it helps detoxify your skin and improves the circulation and it is great for your lymphatic system. As lymph vessels run just below the skin, dry brushing can help normal lymph flow within the body, encouraging natural detoxification. 

    But what really is dry brushing? Well, exactly what it sounds like: brushing the skin in a particular pattern with a dry brush, usually before you take a shower. As you expose your skin to strong sun rays during summer, you should minimize contact with chemicals and that is when dry brushing comes in handy!

    If, however, you prefer regular exfoliation, do it using skin-safe, gentle bristles, and do it no more than once per week. Exfoliation during summer should be light and regular, and you should use an exfoliation treatment at nighttime! Over-exfoliating during summer is bad for several reasons: as it strips everything from your pores, your sebum will produce more oil to recover, leading to even more oily skin, which is something you definitely want to avoid. PS: Keep in mind you should never exfoliate sunburned skin!

    I have recently started experimenting with exfoliators that have glycolic acid, as they help to restore a bright complexion and give my skin a blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. I’m currently using the Juice Beauty by the Organic Solution, and I love its fruity smell and essential oils, as it fits perfectly with the summer vibe.  You can buy it here for €28.00.

    Apply a good SPF

    Although you’ve probably heard this tip so many times, and I can’t emphasize how important it is to pick a good SPF. You should always aim for SPF 30+, ideally water-resistant. Unfortunately, we often tend to re-use SPF from last year, which is most likely expired. If you don’t know how to pick the right sunscreen, check this helpful article! Apply sunscreen every time you go out, to keep your skin protected and moisturized! 


    Sun rays can damage your hair quite a bit but if you keep your hair healthy, it will less likely be affected by all the sun, chlorine and sea salt. During summer days, stay away from the hair dryer and let your hair dry on naturally, as it is a great way to give your hair some good rest! As well, do not skip deep conditioning your hair at least once a week, with a handful of coconut oil or a maskDuring summer, try not to expose your hair to too much sun and show your creativity covering it up with cool hats or scarfs!

    Pro Tip for blondes: if your hair turns green after a swim, rinse your wet hair with a ¼ cup apple cider vinegar and 2 cups of water to get rid of discoloration! It works for me ;)


    Go for a swim

    Besides cooling you down during warm summer days, swimming has plenty of benefits for your mental health! It alleviates anxiety and depression and it helps lower tension or muscle pain, allowing you to be more mindful as you swim. Did you know that swimming for just half an hour three times a week can lower stress levels, raise mood and improve sleep patterns? You can find more benefits here.


    Although you probably have a very busy summer social calendar, I encourage you to take a few days for a good detox. After all, we are usually less hungry during warm days, and doing a detox should not be that difficult. Ditch processed, sugary food, and switch them to a delicious fruity smoothie! Instead of a glass of wine, have a sparkling water spritzer, and you will immediately feel lighter! Don’t wait to be completely unhealthy to do a detox, but rather carry out daily detox tips!  

    If you start implementing some of my tips, I assure you will feel and look healthier and stay energized throughout your busy summer schedule! How nice is that? ;)


    Una x

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