The Best Of You

    1. The clock ticks. You wonder if you sent the right text to the wrong person or the wrong text to the right one. Your heart is racing and your breath feels erratic. 

    2. Your mother did not take care of your childhood toys and now the white ants have feasted over them.

    3. Your brother made a personal attack and you do not understand how she could throw that dirt on you.

    4. Your best friend made you third wheel while she had fun on her date. 

    5. Your teacher said you are the dumbest student she’d ever taught.

    6. A man on the subway cursed you.

    Do these situations seem to make you feel less of yourself? Do they make you think that even though you gave the best you could, you still could not reach up to the expectations? See the irony? The fact that how others see you can make it seem that your own reflection is tainted? The person you tried to nurture so desperately can completely wash down with others’ impression of you. Oh, how easy it is to get the best of you!

    We feel what we let ourselves to.

    The human mind works in a beautiful and complex way of its own. We lift up other’s lows with such kind words but when the same situation is thrown at us, we pretend like we deserve no kindness. It’s hard enough to live in a world that makes us feel guilty to prioritise oneself; and this additional burden of carrying the guilt of every wrong decision we made in our lives just keeps getting the best of us. 

    Who holds the rope?

    Negative emotions create a deeper impression than the positive ones. The effect that they have on us lasts a long time, and that is the reason when something goes wrong, we immediately recall a whole list of the other bad things that had happened to us in the long past. However, when we experience happiness, we tend to live more in the moment and let go of it as soon as it ends. The bad stuff keeps winning the tug-of-war against the good stuff. 

    Getting over the constant leg-pulling.

    I know it is easier said than done. I know that in the end, I cannot generalise everything and write two sentences that will sway your pain away because we are all going through different things. But here are a few things that I think might be of help!

    1. You have to remember that these moments shall pass soon- just like any other. 

    2. What someone says to you or does to you is more a reflection of themselves rather than what they think about you. 

    3. If you are at peace with yourself and you have good intentions, you will not feel the need to react erratically.

    4. The universe is always trying to keep you away from the negative energies in your life so this just might be a signal. 

    There is so much more to us than our worst behaviors, the irrational decisions we made, the repercussions we faced due to our bad judgment, and a whole lot of other stupid things that we did. Do not let these get the best of you! 

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